Friday, July 1, 2016



* L. Ron Hubbard admitted on his deathbed that he was just trolling everyone. and what he really wanted was a dentist. you know how these things start, you get really bored one day...

* camels are no joke. do not mess with camels, they'll fuck you up.

* Jesus and Johnny Manziel would've been bros.

* wine is a hell of a drug.

* Jesus, the original Cobain. long hair and everything.

* Sbarro was everybody's first adult pizza, the pizza you used somehow to impress that girl at the mall.

* these were also the Greek men who fucked up the monetary system AND then also asked for Grexit.

* argon = Our God

* the Bible wasn't meant to be an ironclad set of beliefs and behaviors, it was meant to be an interesting read. it is the greatest story ever told.

* amen to that! too much fucking barbecue sauce! America, we are drowning in barbecue sauce! we don't know what food tastes like anymore! we just know what barbecue sauce tastes like!

* so, lemonade?

* nobody's perfect.

* God is dead---Nietzsche     Nietzsche is dead---God    when you're dead you're dead---Jesus

* huh, always thought Yu-Gi-Oh! was Satanic. (that exclamation point is!)

* if the Pickup Artist stuff can't work for Christ, it definitely won't work for you.

* a man of the times

* the tooth and nothing but the tooth

* no no, that's Jesus's pet whale's cough

* faith is not about what you see but about what you hear.

* i like Wales. i always root for the little guy.


happy weekend. this will not be discussed at Sunday's Homily.


Jules said...

You're so right about BBQ sauce. When you're dead, you can still taste it. *)

the late phoenix said...

heehee. how are you?, my sweet..................honey dijon barbecue sauce. man i'm tired, so tired i feel drunk but i'm not drunk i'm tired. i need a wear on my head to bed at 4PM like my grandparents and sleep for 40 days and 40 nights *)