Monday, July 4, 2016


tasty. own homemade recipe. and i do mean homemade. who knew Burger King would make hot dogs great again? Wienerschnitzel will just sell pretzels from now on. okay, let's shoot the breeze. *after the funeral* we really shouldn't have done that, now there's no need to ever grow long hair again. happy about Durant? i got a win-win last year cos i like my Warriors, the chant and the glass bottles, but they went Patriots on us so i got to keep my beloved Jordan Bulls as Greatest Team Ever. no matter what Durant does he will never get LeBron-level shine, Stephen A. said so, so why bother? go to Washington and become a hometown hero. again. rings are overrated. that's why nobody marries anymore. now everybody wants to move to Iceland. everyone wants to live in Iceland. suddenly it's not as cold. but i hear you have to be a professional to live in Iceland. so i can't. shame. unless i become a pimp or something. not an actual pimp, like a professional cool dude who plays pool for a living so has lots of free time to roam the icy Reykjavik streets at all hours of the night. the save-the-ravers stumbling out of the clubs will mistake me for a lightpost. then i enter that corrupt parliament. why must everyone eventually enter politics? being a senator is hard. remember when everybody wanted to move to Seattle? my news? you don't want to hear my news. that's not what blogs are for. juicy, salacious, embarrassing, naughty? i am eating something juicy and salacious right now. barbecue............................................i just did a naughty in my pants.................*flush*...................well that was embarrassing. rough barbecue. yeah i'll probably end up on my scandinavian travels as the towel boy for that Burger King that has a sauna and be perfectly adequate at it.



Jules said...

Iceland....Are you trying to taunt me? *)

the late phoenix said...

that Viking clap scares me *)