Friday, October 26, 2012


okay, i want EVERYONE TO COMMENT, everyone to participate in this, all of my blogspot and wordpress friends and even those who come here from and youtube, EVERYONE TO COMMENT!!! please answer the following five festive questions:
1. what costume are you wearing this Halloween? for the fellas: i'm expecting a costume that's hipster and cool, that follows the memes on twitter and the trends on youtube, like a Gangnam Style getup, that sort of thing. for the ladies: i'm expecting a sexy costume, maybe even slutty, it's the one night of the year, y'know?
2. recount in full detail the time you stole a kiss from your sweetheart while the two of you were lost in the hay maze.
3. choose: getting tipsy off the smoking punch, or getting a massive ache from downing an entire package of candy corn
4. what elaborate carving are you gonna attempt on your plain pumpkin's face this year? what will be the final detailed, work-intensive, pop-culture-reference jack-o-lantern? pics or it didn't happen.
5. who do you want to fuck at the Halloween party you're going to this year?


the late phoenix said...

1. Stefon, the one SNL rival to MAD TV's Stuart
2. Tammy, oh Tammy...the kiss was just alright, on the cheek...but then she left me there in the hay maze to rot...i had to sleep there overnight with all of the ghoulish gargoyle tombstones staring down at me...had to eat pumpkin stem...that B...but goddammit, i still love her to this day
3. i fucking HATE candy corn, most disgusting thing ever devised, with the smoking punch i can at least pretend i'm back in my smoking days
4. i carved out Obamney, but then i Smashed that Pumpkin, wink wink, 'cause i dislike all things political
5. your black, skin-tight Catwoman costume

AtiyaLuv said...

1. I am doing the cat thing, i am in the purrring mood!!
2. never been to a hay maze, or stolen kisses, i am always a willing participant
3. tipsy of the smoking punch! I don't like candy corn..YUK!!!
4. I like my old fashion triangle eyes/nose and of course mouth with a candle in it..that's it!
5. Hopefully YOU Phoenix!!


RainboRevolver said...

1. The sexiest Pikachu ever (aside from that one time Jessica Nigri dressed up as Pikachu)
2. I've never been kissed in a hay maze, but I did stumble across a blowjob in progress once.
3. I prefer acid on Halloween.
4. I don't carve pumpkins, but I do enjoy smashing other people's.
5. My adorable boyfriend of course!

Anonymous said...

1. I'll be wearing my slutty, tired, middle aged mom costume.

2. No hay mazes in So. Cal. Sorry.

3. getting a massive ache from downing an entire package of candy corn

4. We are making a "minion" pumpkin. Not hip, not cool, but oh well.

5. who do you want to fuck at the Halloween party you're going to this year? Myself.

Unknown said...

1. I got the Heidi Ho costume from Eden Fantasys.. yes my boobs will be very visible perfect for someone to slide their hard cock into..
2. I can't stand corn mazes , but we have been to a pumpkin patch that had one.. I however did not enter it. I prefer the hay rolls tyvm
3. Neither..
4 we don't decorate pumpkins. We go for the horror effect tombstones spider webs but this year we didn't even do that
5. Hmmm you would be first on the list if you were there, I think I just need to have one and invite my adult blogger friends

phairhead said...

1. Red Riding Hood

4. Moloch the Owl....illuminati ;-)

Unknown said...

oooohhhh, :( we don't really celebrate haloween down under in brisneyland.... for 1. i WAS going to a party this weekend and was either going to be jessica rabbit or a playboy bunny, and got costumes organised, but the plans fell through, so they will have to be for another day.......
happy haloween to all the americans!

the late phoenix said...

atiya: lost in the Triangle with you

julia: you must post that blowjob story...

monkey: i had So Cal Pride in my youth, that's where i was raised, but it's all about the Nor now ;)

angel: Heidi Ho is always the costume contest winner! i'm up/down to party

phair: call me The Wolf

allys: Jessica Rabbit > Playboy Bunny, animation lubes my gears