Wednesday, October 17, 2012


click above on my abstract getaway for #3 of 4
sick of walking on eggshells online
fuck the eggshells, i say, cook them into an omelette
the words will never be elegantly stated
but they will always be elegant words
i wreck it all up again
wreck it all up again
Wreck-It Ralph can't defend
wreck it
why just yesterday i flubbed over myself at The Store
where the developmentally-challenged sweeper works daily with a smile
told him not to get "crazy" at the Halloween parties this year
didn't mean it, but he now thinks i'm a jerk
and i realize for the umpteenth time that there is a doomed quality to my interacting
i wreck it all up again
wreck it all up again
handsome face can't begin
wreck it
the greatest crime, though, for a writer like me
is missing the easy reference or joke when i comment
it cuts to the very heart of my ability and assurance and sure footing in this world that i matter when i make someone feel and laugh
i vomit
and wreck it all up again
wreck it all up again
running away again
wreck it
to get in the getaway car with me to think
as i drive away from all of my problems
and hope that the searing light deigns for me to crumble


Anonymous said...

I love the pic, blue is my favorite color... your clicky click is leaving too much to the imagination! ;)

Also, where are the questions and and and... I want more (comma?) Phoenix!

Unknown said...

Oh sweetie I think we all have those brain fart moments when we speak before we think. Come here you need to be held and loved on until you don't hurt anymore..

Cheeky Minx said...

Language can be the worst of afflictions. It is the image that soothes me now.

So, let's play those ebony noughts and crosses as we speed down that annihilating Lynchian highway...

Unknown said...

Your words are like knives
They peel my skin and pierce my soul...
Your body will burn tonight...
Though your heart may still remain cold

And I will blame myself
And I will blame myself
For holding on to what I hoped would keep you by my side
I will blame myself

Unknown said...

Now that's a sexy game of tic-tac-toe. I think I win!!

And don't feel bad, that's a comment that might be said to anyone.


~Kazi xxx

the late phoenix said...

B: i poems...for my...sad times

angel: to be loved on is my fantasy

cheeky: i confess, i had to look up noughts and crosses, much more seductive than tic-tac-toe

allys: the second song on the album, i like it ;)

kazi: comments give and comments taketh away

Jack and Jill said...

We dig your poetry talents.