Wednesday, October 3, 2012


click above on a massive nostalgia arrow from my youth, mumbling the Blossom theme song, to kick-start the new series Saturday night lineup
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm and a delay
that is my train of thought these days
internal avenues of imagination all day
bubbling in my mind and headspace's play
but i can't get my mouth to mouth the words i need
to let my babe know how much she means
behind a keyboard if you could only see
how much i am right now pleading plead
how many more words will i type this day?
how many more thoughts can be processed along the way?
processed by a word processor, and the processor of my brain
the period is near, my babies, will you refrain?


Unknown said...

Mumble mumble mumble
Pardon me your slip is showing :)

I saw a film last year that illustrates your point quite nicely. Larry Bissonette came to speak to a group of us nurses about the film; it was a very powerful presentation.


~Kazi xxx

Twisted Angel said...

Oh that naughty thoughts your pictures give me.. the things I would do to you and for you and with you.

the late phoenix said...

kazi: oh yeah, i faintly remember that film, thanks for the plug, i think i'll check it out, i don't think i'm a stutterer, or jabberer, i spoke quite well as a youth, it's just that i've been so out of practice since this whole blogging thing started

twist: about you, because of you, it's all for you...(Trent)...

Nolens Volens said...

I don't mumble, stutter, or babble...but I am quite glib about things. ;)

Jack and Jill said...

Crash Test Dummies! This song reminds me of junior college.

For the record, we considered doing a mouseover image of Mayim Bialik. Since we didn't, we're glad someone did!

Cheeky Minx said...

At the moment, I'm tired of words and thoughts and language's complex simplicity... So let's retreat, you and me, to allow our bodies to speak, to moan and murmur and mumble in the shadows dark and deep.

Wonderful post, babe...

the late phoenix said...

nv: the blog format helps one to sharpen the glib skills, but you can't put that on a job application...

jj: yeah, i don't have any history with breast cancer, so i went the NBC nostalgia route

cheeky: babes, let's run away together, i REALLY need a vacation from seriously, let's you and i plan a trip for me :)