Wednesday, September 28, 2011



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man reaches for the stars
and gets violently burned in the process
man reaches for the stars
wearing the latest in earthling technology
and discovers a further star
man reaches for that star
until his bones break
man induces labor to reach for the edge
a task for the children
man and his race explode
the edge is a bit farther away than first calculated

man reaches for the stars...

name a time in your life when DESIRE overwhelmed you, desire welled up in your heart so headily that it felt like bursting, like a morning heart attack and an early grave, a moment when your desire for something or someone nearly killed you...then really killed you



viemoira said...

Oh is your flowy ok?? ;)
HHNT (early even).

Shibari Reiss said...

that is a sad flower :(
HHNT luv...
Hope you are having a great week~

Cheeky Minx said...

Desire... for the one man I truly want overwhelms me every day, every night, each and every moment in between.

The panacea for my aching mind, body and soul is your gorgeous tum... x

boneman said...

desire for something is a wave to ride on the way to that thing.
Sometimes seemingly slow, obstructed by the damndest things, but, it takes you along and keeps your heart beating in your great, long journey to...

Great music.
Hey...they even had a picture of "you" on the cover.


KaziG said...

I should show you the flower I draw as my trademark, it's truly evil...

I think the death of my triplets is the only thing that came close to that, with the burning desire that they live... it nearly killed me that they didn't.

Speaking of being killed, my blog has been killed on Blogger. I am recreating from scratch at, come check me out there!



Gucci Mama said...

I just might have a little Superman fantasy...


Elle said...

I'm not sure I've ever desired something that much, and that, in itself, is kinda sad.

Molly Rene said...

I'm with Gucci Mama on the Superman fantasy.

the late phoenix said...

vie: snagglepuss is in love with your comment

shibari: watching "little shop of horrors" and realizing that my stoned flower would be eaten by the FEED ME SEYMOUR space plant in a second

cheeky: you can make a fine panacea with one of these stoned flowers

bone buddy: i always wanted to be on the Cover of a Cover band's album

kazi: don't get me started on blogger...if i start, i'll never end

gucci: do tell. i've also got a Spiderman costume in my closet...

elle: kitties!

molly: i'll be sure not to bring my kryptonite pills

Anonymous said...

Aww poor little flower. :)

I like your poem.

As for desire... well SC is my desire. :)

Missed Periods said...

I can't remember desiring anything that strongly in a really long time. I'm pretty content with everything--especially now that I discovered that Golden Girls marathons run nightly.

Stephanie Scarpa said...

Wow, I liked this :)

/S / http://

the late phoenix said...

not: and i love your sultry avatar!

missed: "thank you for being a friend..."

s: :D

Stephanie Scarpa said...

Thank you for your comment. And yes Tokyo seems great to, I just think London is enough far away :)

/S / http://

Sophia said...

The avi on my blog? If that is right then I love that painter. His name is Jack Vettriano. :)