Wednesday, September 14, 2011



first, click on the correct choice, which is to exit altogether, for #2 in the series



if you go for one,
you've won
if you settle for two
you're through

name an instance in your life when having one of something was better than having two



Inferno said...

Owning and operating retail/service establishments. One is easy, two is a headache. Not worth the money at all, and the joy of work disappeared forever.

KaziG said...

More yummy tum! good choice ;)

Not that I regret a moment of it, mind you... but having two babies at once is just over the top compared to being able to devote all your attentions to one :)


Cheeky Minx said...

Hmmm, I don't know. Since I'm greedy, I like the idea of the duo. Except when it comes to work. One's plenty.

Love the tum... ;)

Silly Mistress : ) said...

+pokes your tummy+ *^^* Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Hm, having one instead of two... Can we say having a pair is good?? Two bouncing boobs, two eyes to watch, two nipples, two cheeks to smack with two hands....

Silly Mistress : ) said...

Glad I can make you silly again ; )

You made me realize though that I forget a couple.

A pair of legs to bend over, a pair of knees to get on....

Anonymous said...

awww I see your tummy. :) I have one too... lol :)

Having one job is better than two. I have two now and I don't like it so much.


Elle said...

Well if the thing is bad, then having one will always be better than having two. Like cancer or something :P

It kinda looks to me, with that marking around your belly button, that you are leaving no choice...

the late phoenix said...

inferno: i wish i knew the feeling of having a job that i love

kazi: if i ever had kids, the universe would implode

cheeky: your greed is turning me on

silly x 2: it's gettin' hott with two t's up in here

not: you have a tummy? oh, now i'm REALLY in love

elle: it's okay, it's marked out, you can enter, it won't bite...

heelsnstocking said...

I'm adoring having just one lover that loves me

Love the pic x