Wednesday, September 21, 2011



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more grand hip-hop syrup

the ego, whether discovered in compton
and stretched out until a brussels mansion
will be superseded by a superego that pops out
during your honeymoon in paris.
the moral lesson,
my precious babies,
is that poetry is a dead art form
and that, just maybe,
one can start living again
when he throws away all the haze
associated with psychoanalysis texts
and decides to be free of the Theory.

recount a time when a big ego ruined YOUR life...



KaziG said...

A big ego? well that would have been my first husband and the ego he carried about his huge member that had to be stuck in anything that was remotely female. No, no, I'm not bitter! and we're actually still friends... we just couldn't make it as married mates :/

Anonymous said...

Now that is a belly button if I ever saw one, and the abstracted sunflower is just what it needs to pull it all together.
James Kirk has nothing on that flower.
K, peace, signing out.
Gonna go hang with my homie Dr. Dre.

I spell homie right? I'm so crappy at being cool.

My father and one of my sisters have huge ego issues. They both think they are the bee's knees.
Multiple times they have used their ego power to do what at the time felt like ruining my life.

Cheeky Minx said...

Poetry isn't dead, babe. It has merely morphed and mutated in this post-post-modern world - quotation for arms, pastiche for legs, intertexuality as its head. And hip hop as its thumping heart (and Amy Winehouse its soul).

But that could merely be my poetry-penning ego talking... ;)

the late phoenix said...

kazi: there is nothing more valuable than a friend i've learned, even more so than a lover

pocket: i thought dre was my homie, but no, YOU are my homie. my belly button was sent to science for study, folks thought an ancient race lived there it was so huge.

cheeky babes: y'know, poetry kinda died out when people picked up guitars and started recording songs. there were much more cd album sales than poetry book sales. songs became living, breathing, musical poetry. i admit, google scholar that i am, i had to look up intertextuality, and got a quick youtube lesson from a certain famous female philosopher. thanks for that :*

boneman said...

poetry dead?
I think you're discounting the FUN poetry!

There once was a fellow named Dave,
Kept a dead whore in his cave.
She was moldy and green,
and she smelled so obscene...
But think of the money he saved!
(one of my favorites, and gosh. Does it ever turn heads when I SING it!)

Kirk's ego has nothing on those I know with egos.
It seems that this is always coming up, but, what can be done?
It's like a brick wall exclaiming to the end that it is a STONE wall...(which is even funnier if you play chess)

Now, you take my second wife...


shibari said...

loves the belly
loves the belly button
loves the sunflower :)

Missed Periods said...

Poetry is NOT dead. Prove it, you say. Well, a new book of Shel Silverstein poetry was just released.

viemoira said...

If poetry is dead then i b fucked! I need poetry! I cannot communicate without it- my life is far too full of drama! ;)

Ego- idunno. Beast has the biggest ego i have ever been around but He is far more confident then cocky. i like a man with an ego. Me = no ego issue really. My teen is another story; sometimes i think she borders narcisist.

Molly Rene said...

Maybe it's the severe jetlag but I actually can't think of a time. I don't really know a lot of people with big egos.

the late phoenix said...

bone: limericks paid my way through college. i had a one-man band named the Dirty Limerick...then, that became my name when i started panhandling...

shibari: you've proven that poetry really isn't dead! loves it :)

missed: love shel, i thought he was my lost uncle when i was young

vie: i b fucked, that's the name of my next band :D

molly: where did you jet off to?

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

just take a look at me name~hah!

Sophia said...

I envy people that can write, poetry, songs, etc.
I don't think poetry is dead either. I know a few that still write, very well I might add. :)

Oh and is it bad that I want to poke your belly button. ;-)

the late phoenix said...

lenore: :O

sophia: oh no, it's good, very very good