Friday, May 19, 2017


i know it's still controversial but Mike Tyson Mysteries is the greatest show on right now. it's 11 minutes of absurdity, catharsis, and Mike's infamous diction. it's T H I C C like Fox's u-bet chocolate syrup. for me it's a Sunday night-cap to cap off the stress of the week. no other fighter would do this, except many Conor McGregor, and i'm waiting for that cameo. as i've maintained, before this show is done, we simply NEED an episode which features ALL of the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! characters, from Little Mac voiced by Justin Bieber to his trainer Doc Louis voiced by Denzel Washington as an Oscar consolation. a bike scene will be filmed on the streets of New York. and all the boxers from Glass Joe (Michael Cera), Don Flamenco (Antonio Banderas), Great Tiger (Aziz Ansari sporting a mustache), King Hippo (Ron Perlman), Bald Bull (Charles Barkley), Soda Popinski (Wladimir Klitschko), Super Macho Man (The Rock), and Mike Tyson played by Buster Douglas in his second tv role. and add a girl boxer in there, too, played by Holly Holm. just kidding, Ronda Rousey. catch up if you've missed it, two seasons and last week's episode. poor Deezy in that robe, when you have to be pointed out that you're depressed, you don't sense it on your own, that's when you're in deep. when you have to have your cat rescue you, that's when you know cats are better than people. when Mike's brother is Neil deGrasse Tyson, that's when you wonder why they didn't do this joke before. it's a sticky thicket out there, and the black hole hits you on the chin with a blind uppercut without warning. why is the chin the most vulnerable area? why isn't it the left pinkie toe?

harp therapy i discovered this week thanks to instagram. see, it's good. this isn't just spinning your string wheels for fun, these are special therapy harps which can bring dead people back to life. and the real-life miracle-workers are actual angels named Tami Briggs and Christina Tourin. get you and her and her in a room together and have a trio of tempo. let them teach you the basics to becoming a healer. you will seize your purpose and lighten up as you come a cloud, come on a cloud, come down on a cloud and sleep your worries away lullabied by those celestial tones. it's way more sexier than that guided meditation with that weird Australian dude who keeps talking about his damper.

always dreaming is what we should be always doing. creativity is another word for spirituality. don't drink or the horses will think you're stupid. what happened to Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir? which horse will carry YOU tomorrow?


happy weekend. one more week...


the late phoenix said...

Always Dreaming

Jules said...

Dreaming is creation unfolding. I live there.
I love harps. I nearly bought one once so I could sit next to it reading like an earth angel. *)

the late phoenix said...

that's the spirituality, my love.

same, i've loved harps since Kid Icarus. i just realized that the poor old people in the pics above might not be sleeping...

no Triple Crown this year :( turns out it's kinda hard to do a Triple Crown. the Belmont gets screwed as always. but the Belmont is in New York and Queens is in New York and Queens is the last bastion of freedom and global diversity in this world thanks to Anthony Bourdain