Friday, May 26, 2017



* i always want to see fictional characters make it in real life, it blurs my two worlds together and justifies my existence. it's the Lucy Ricky Desi thing. here's to hoping Tom and Lalla stay married forever in an alternate universe.

* Lalla, what a name!

* Prime Computers? there's your problem right there.

* step into the '80s? don't mind if i do again.

* Tom Baker is EVERYONE's Doctor. i mean when you think of the general concept of Doctor Who, Tom's face pops up in your brain. the browncoat and the colorful scarf and the poofy hair. your brain is currently being controlled by Daleks...

* no one thinks of the other Doctors. i mean besides Eccleston. Tom was just ending as i was just beginning. his reign ended when i was 3. everyone in my generation's first exposure to sci-fi was Star Wars. mine was being captured by aliens.

* Romana: 17 seconds.
the Doctor: come on, it was longer than that.

* the Doctor: these computers that look like giant cassette decks are the latest in, uh, Earth technology. i'm sure they'll look different in the future........and i am from the future........i am future man.

* Romana: don't shush me, bitch!

* the Doctor: where's the goddamn TARDIS i gotta make a call!

* Romana: do you like it?
the Doctor: next time can we do it with clothes on? it's more civilized that way.

* the Doctor: i'd just like to say i appreciate the hat rack. i don't necessarily need to have a place to hang my hat, i don't really need to wear a hat, but all the same.

* the Doctor: i saw one of these beauts on Gallifrey. or well actually it was an Apple.

* Romana: it's terribly interactive.
the Doctor: not everything is sexual, Romana.
Romana: no, it can measure your scarf length.
the Doctor: that measurement doesn't count, i was in the shower!

* Romana: get yo hand out my face, bitch!

* the Doctor: books and ships, real Picard stuff.

* Romana: does it know how to handle a woman?
the Doctor: what?
Prime: marry the girl.
Lalla: i accept.
Tom: wait this isn't in the script.

* Aliens: the name, Doctor, of the Supreme Computer.
the Doctor: never!
Romana is tied up.
the Doctor: that is really hot but i still won't tell you!

* the Doctor: i use this magnificent machine to find medicine for my ailing two hearts. what will you use it for?
Aliens: porn.

* Romana: help! rubber Godzilla!

* the Doctor: i slapped my head so hard my hair uncurled.

* the Doctor: what do you want?!
Aliens: to buy one.
the Doctor: she's not for sale!


happy weekend. i bought a Lush store this afternoon. i've had the sniffles ever since, sneezing up all that unicorn-horn-glitter in those bath bombs and gold-nugget-piece soaps and caterpillar loofahs.

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