Monday, September 26, 2016


1. are you more likely to ask someone on a date or a hook-up? wanna fuck? is always my opening line. to everyone. the waiter asked me what i'd like. we're an item now.
2. how do you ask someone out? dunno, i've never been outside.
3. when you think about sex, what do you think of most? that very large barn behind the drive-in
4. name two things you appreciate about your current relationship? i'm single so my soul always feels so light and free and well-rested in the morning, ready to soar to the next possibility. after a full day of flying my soul comes back home exhausted to an empty lonely apartment with three months' back rent due and has to take a pill for the crushing depression. the pill helps him sleep.
5. name three things that most excite your imagination: sleeping 24 hours a day, the creation of a 48-hour day so we could all get our shit done, and instagram DMs. see nothing would change, it would still be two days but it would be counted as one day so Wednesday would have to go cos that was always the hardest one to spell.

bonus: if you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be? let's just bring back everyone who died in 2016 and have a party. a zombie party. happy halloween.



Jules said...

1: Exceptions for me and Cinnabon dates, naturally.
2: Hilarious!
3: Still laughing at 2
4: I see a vicious circle here. You never could trust circles. That’s why manufacturers make everything rectangle.
5: I’m about to change Wednesdays so don’t get rid of them yet…
Bonus: And 2015 - in fact, everyone who has died. Now that’s a party! *)

the late phoenix said...

did you get my cinnabon instagram DM, mah dahlin? *)

Jules said...


Cheeky Minx said...

#1 explains my terrible dating record. I should've asked your advice years ago... ;-)

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: hello my beautiful! how are you on this fine chilly autumn morn? wanna fuck? is a miracle-worker with complete strangers i tell ya! :*