Monday, September 14, 2015


define sexy. 1. what is your kissing technique? all tongue, no mouth.
2. when do you feel most sexy? crying alone in my empty bathtub.
3. which of these do you resemble?: I exude male sexiness/ sexy He-man lumberjack/ Ladies Man/ curvy sexy all-woman/ tomboy kitten with a whip/ girl next door/ sexy nerd: it's a combination of the second one and the second one. click HERE and HERE
4. what makes for a sexy meal? CLICK HERE
5. what are some of your seduction techniques? CLICK HERE. oh I thought it said suction techniques.
6. what's sexier? beer/ wine/ mixed alcoholic beverage / iced tea: Zima, which brought about the dawn of alcopop. I go to the store and it never runs out of Zima, it's always fully-stocked with Zima.
bonus: are you hot as in sexy? how can you share your sexiness with the world? yes, I am very sexy. but I am also crazy. therefore, I am only allowed to share myself through my writing.


Jules said...

4: The ultimate subway chosen by a McSteamy lookalike. It's a win.
6: Can't believe you didn't choose iced tea, Hell Dust style. What's happened to my Phoenixeseseseses?
Bonus: You shouldn't limit yourself like this. The world needs crazy sexiness. *)

the late phoenix said...

mah dahlin I need some Hell Dust but my doctor always told me only take Hell Dust with food so I'm taking the subway to Subway *)