Friday, January 9, 2015




* first of all, here's to all the generations who came before who didn't live to see this day. college football's champion is finally being determined by a playoff. 4 is not 8 but we'll take it. what took so long? money, right? it's always money. i love you, Grandpa, i love you, Dad. you are all in our hearts forever. now all that's left to do is go back to the days where there was no forward pass to make it a truly authentic college experience.

* Ducks vs. Bucks. bet you haven't heard that one before. let's expand this (like from 4 to 8 teams) and add the word fucks. both teams have the O. the fans of the team that wins will engage in post-match couplings and use their O faces (perhaps on the field). the fans of the team that loses will show their O faces on the field, mouths open in shock.

* Phyllis from Mulga and Colin Cowturd: the hate sex would be so hot it would singlehandedly expand the playoff field to 8 teams right then and there: CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK.

* the Oregon O is tilted 27 degrees to represent Oregon's 27 bowl appearances. the O in Ohio State represents a breakfast pizza. sorry, typing this in the middle of eating.

* Johnny Manziel would have been awesome playing in this game...

* Gov. Chris Christie will be up in the bleachers wearing a sweater that is half-green/half-red. it's still Christmas kinda.

* i feel sorry for Saban now. his tunament shine is wearing off. speaking of tuna, i want a timestream where Saban goes back to the Dolphins and has to buy groceries for Bill Parcells. see, Nick, this is what happens when you can't crack a (genuine) smile even when you win. good karma will get you eventually.

* Marcus Mariota is dreamy like Brady. we cringe at the thought of an NFL without Tom Brady, but never fear, Mariota is the Golden Boy's replacement! Mariota is gonna be the awesomest system quarterback ever.

IT'S EASY TO PLAY!!! simply predict which team, Oregon or Ohio State, will win it all come Monday night and predict the final score. the winner of this blog game is the one who correctly predicts the winning team and is closest to the actual final score. the winner gets 3 comments from me to your blog. use my entry in the comments as your guide. void where prohibited, but it's not prohibited anywhere except Alaska and Hawaii. okay, not Hawaii cos Mariota is from there. not Alaska either, let bygones, y'know, the election is long over. no purchase necessary though in order to play you will have to pay for my root canal. i'll see you guys Tuesday or so with the results. have fun. man, finally!



the late phoenix said...

ohio state 20-17

Jules said...

Oregon 19 -16

Can I just say, pizza with an egg on is dee-lish-ussss.

Thank you. *)

the late phoenix said...

juli: oh thank you, mah dahlin, you guarantee there will be a winner of this game! the egg was meant to go into the dough, but Thomas Ladder left it out and breakfast pizza was born *)