Monday, December 22, 2014


YES!!! WE DID IT, MY BABIES!!! KORRASAMI IS CANON!!! Love wins out in the end. it's not open for interpretation, blame Nickelodeon for everything, i blame Nick for hitting my car last night at the party, Nick Johnson. he had to use his Christmas bonus but i let him keep it in keeping with the Christmas season even though i was the only one at the office who didn't get a Christmas bonus. the kiss that would have cemented it is up to Nickelodeon's S&P department. should be the Sex & PLUR Department. here's to the colors of those hills in that scene, the bisexual flag, and no more bisexual nullification in media. how 'bout here's to no more nullification of the human spirit of any kind in media and in life. Art has to live, has to move, has to look at its surroundings and breathe. Love is hard enough, why not have the freedom to choose whomever? merry merry. i don't drink, but i'll drink to that. *cheers*

1. my best friend is_________. Harvey, he's a rabbit...

2. a ______ lover is all i _____. real, need/want/write about indirectly in my stories

3. if you know only one thing about me it should be ________. that it's all in fun, i'd never hurt you, i love you more than the undiscovered stars. hey, that's a pretty good opening line for a story...

4. _____ is the best ______ in the world. hot, rough, hard, steamy, explicit, messy, cummy, dangerous, lurid, naughty, secret sex in the Burger King bathroom is the best sex that's not masturbation in the world.

5. a man and _____ walk into a bar and _______. a man and his priest walk into a bar and yell "Ow!" "are you okay?" the bartender asks. "no, that hurt" the priest exclaims, "get me a vodka to numb the pain." "all we have is wine coolers," the bartender replies. "fuck that," says the priest. just then a beautiful woman with huge breasts and a tight black Catwoman dress struts into the bar, bats her eyelashes, flips her hair, and twirls around in her red high heels. "well hello there," the priest flirts and takes off his collar, "ladies and gentlemen, i'm no longer a priest." the woman gives the priest a big smack on the lips and declares, "God is a woman." says the priest: "folks, i'm back to being a priest."

6. i like to eat _______ in Fall. pumpkin spice latte powder

bonus: i can't _______ if it rains but i can _______. i can't get as high as a kite if it rains for fear of getting electrocuted by lightning but i can still discover electricity with said kite. after i post my results on my blog, even if it's still raining i can get as high as a kite.




Cheeky Minx said...

Pass me the egg nog and let's fly away, gorgeous.

Merry, merry... :*

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: yes, my beautiful, i'm ready! Nick Frost is perched on his sleigh and Clara is in her elf hat on the TARDIS. Santa's sleigh and the TARDIS are gonna race to see who can deliver all the toys in the fastest Time, i'm convinced that's the plot of the Christmas special :*

Jules said...

You don't know how MUCH I love you for saying Harvey the rabbit!

Yes, agreed. Number 3 should be an opening to a story or a song by Ed Sheeran. I've missed your wonderful words! *)

the late phoenix said...

I am in love with Ed Sheeran. so is Harvey. Harvey says he loves him more but I firmly disagree with Harvey. we row all night long...all night...gently down the online stream *)