Friday, February 1, 2013


apologies to my Roman Numeral readers, which numeral (number) exactly V. whether it's the Tower of London ravens, or Edgar Poe's ravens, we sports fans can all come together and agree: ravens are cool. my great-to-the-10th-power grandfather was an original 49er gold that is a lie...well, it could be true, i'm too lazy to look it up, i'm thinking of doing that thing to shut up those annoying commercials, but i'm afriad what i'll find, that i am distantly related to Charlie Sheen...wait, no, that would be least for awhile...until i died.
you all know the deal by now, right? predict the score between the Ravens and 49ers in The Big Game this Sunday. the winner of this blog game is the one who firstly correctly predicts the actual winning team when all is said and done on Sunday night AND AND is closest to the actual final score cum Sunday night. check out my entry in the comments section below, it will serve as your ever-present guide. the outright winner of the blog game is granted 3 comments from yours truly onto the various posts at your blog, three comments sprung from my ever-feverish and gelatinous out, they could be scintillating, or they could be out there and yet scintillating.
i've been smiling like the Cheshire Cat ever since we learned of the final two teams. if you've been following me all these years (and if so, god bless), you know i have that soft spot for the Ravens, they always come so close to the Big Game but a strangely missed field goal or a stripped bunny catch in the endzone always seems to derail their dreams and that perfect defensive unit's talents fritter away ringless for one more year. i honestly felt bad for this team, so good and yet never the best, bridesmaid sort of thing, i'm getting soft, i'm actually bringing out my feels for spoiled millionaires. on the other side of the ledger, you have the local team for me, the Cali team, well, the good Cali team, the 49ers. all secrets known (Alice In Chains), full disclosure, for me, this is the wrong Cali team, i'm more Raiders if anything. honestly, though, I'm Just Not Into my local teams, like that dating book, which i followed to the letter and am still single. i'll choose the deranged Raiders Black Hole over the clean-cut Niners any day, but i'm more about spitballing Tim Lincecum's ball (and glove) when it comes to local worship. me being the cool Cali kid that i am, i can make that choice, this is Murica, i am free, you are free, free to choose small, medium, or large, i'm free to spray cough spray into my mouth, maybe cough spray laced with my antidepressants for an extra kick...or maybe something stronger, like deer antler, y'know, whatever. the bottom line is that i enjoy these two teams, i can't choose, it's too hard, it's like the mother favoring one Harbaugh brother over the other, she loves them equally, even though one of them is demonically linked to gobble gobble turkey gobble gobble. good times this Super Bowl around, no Patriots perfect season fretting or anything like that, no Hoodie recriminations and Spygate boring press conference excellence, no the rich getting richer, just two good ol' teams keeping it in the family and snot-bubbling each other for a piece of trophy, and wifey ass later...and secret girlfriend ass...and secret boyfriend ass. isn't life grand? good luck, thanks to everyone who will play this blog game, i'm expecting no one to play actually, we'll see how this develops, and i'll join you again Monday with the results. gobble gobble down those chicken wings before they all run out...