Wednesday, January 2, 2013


1. THERE ARE NO RULES!!! okay, not entirely true, but there are very few.
2. every Wednesday, i'll post a new SSS here at this blog. use the linky tool, the Simply Linked, to add your link to your SSS post at your blog.
3. SSS is anything and everything you want it to be, post a pic/photo of yourself showing some skin. this can be anything from a nice photo of the palm of your hand to various degrees of undress to completely nude and raunchy, it's all up to you, no force, just art. also, don't show your face or otherwise give up your real identity unless you really are okay with that. as i always say, this is meant to be a fun game, not a lawsuit.
4. accompanying the photo of yourself each week can be anything, a descriptive caption of said photo, a poem concerning the mysteries of human life, a rant on how badly your week is going, feel free to vent and pout and smile and laugh as you write, or you could just post the photo, or you could type a stream of "fuck"s for ten minutes, you are the ultimate author. myself? i like to add links to music and music videos to my posts, but you don't have to. i also cheat a little bit and take one photo of myself which is used for the entire month, four weeks, four SSS posts, i draw on the one pic each successive time, each new week, until you're left at the end of the month with a really kick-ass pic of myself that has been drawn on as if by Leonardo himself. most of my readers email me and ask what the fuck did i just draw on myself. fuck if i know...hey, that's art, baby!!! interpret it as you will. oh, one thing i do ask is that at the end of your individual SSS post each week, you add a link back to my blog site:, just so people will know what you are referring to when you talk about SSS, it keeps things in a nice connected circle.
5. remember, and i can't emphasize this enough, i can't stress this enough, there are NO WEEKLY THEMES each week, you don't have to fit your pic into any guide word or anything like that, it's up to you what your theme for the week is, what you want to capture in pic and words.
6. now, the way we bloggers all connect to each other with this meme is, of course, through comments. i know it's a pain, but if the person took the time to participate in SSS and actually post a pic and a poem, the least you can do is take two minutes to scan it, understand the blogger's deep artistic and philosophical mind, what she was trying to get across with her entry, and leave a scintillating comment at her SSS post. folks, it's only five minutes or so out of your Wednesday. see, if we don't comment at each others' blogs, there really becomes no point to this whole enterprise, ya feel me? community strengthens art...i just made up that little pithy truism right now on the spot as i type here: community strengthens art.
7. so, i guess for now that's it for the rules, i'll come back here later if i want to update or amend, but i hate rules as a general rule, that's the only rule i follow, i'm free and easy, i like to let things flow and just happen, i'm a Grammar Hippie, not a Grammar Nazi, and the same goes for my art and your art as well. peace :) and please play, it'll be fun, trust me. oh, if you have any questions about SSS, email me directly,, i'm the only person who knows about it since i am the sole runner of this meme, it's just me, the late phoenix, only me, at your service.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you already started your games! I am just passing through at the moment but will have to come back soon to join in the fun! :)

the late phoenix said...

B: oh hai, long time no see, sexy stranger. yeah, so far it's only Kazi and i playing this thing...

Anonymous said...

Well, then let's get this party going!! Off to do my first SSS post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. So simple, which is sexy.

Love the community strengthens art.

You da man!