Monday, January 7, 2013


cool, Hedone used my questions! i love you, H, you're my lover, my one and only lover, it's always only been you :* i came up with these questions while hopping...yeah, hopped up on the good stuff, the carrot stuff.
1. what feels better, the moment right before cumming, the moment of cumming, or the moment right after cumming? before, before, always before, you still have something to look forward to, you still have that pleasurable release of hot sticky cum goo in your future, your future's bright. after the release, it's all downhill from there.
2. for the fellas: it is said that guys will fuck anything that moves. but what if you're a hippie who's in love with the wind, how would that relationship work out? swimmingly. i want you to do something for me, i want you to look up at the sky: see all of those clouds there? how do you think all of those gorgeous white fluffy clouds came to be? i am their mother, i am the hippie mother, the Earth Mother, and their daddy is the Wind, or colloquially, we call him Thor or Zeus, y'know.
3. for the ladies: what would be your first gut reaction after the guy you're on a first date with after months of online chatting looks you right in the eye and whispers to you even before saying hi, "let's fuck like rabbits..."? ladies, i'll be paying special attention to your responses to this, i'm scribbling down copious notes...research...
4. there can only be ONE!!! okay, you have to choose EITHER your dream woman/man/partner/lover or your dream job, one or the other, not both. which do you choose for the rest of your life and why? hard one here, to me life at the end of the day is about the relationships you cultivated, did your life matter to anyone else's life. on your deathbed, nobody gives a fuck whether you got a C on that 7th-grade biology test or what your job was, it's about who you loved, and relatedly who you fucked passionately. it's about my dream woman, my dream woman blogger, i love you, babes, i do, i wuv u :)
5. is love itself, being in love, crazy? or is the world crazy, and love serves to heal a crazy world? or is it that you're crazy and the world is just fine? i guess what i'm asking from you is a little treatise on the general topic of love and craziness. what is love?, don't hurt me, don't hurt me...: for my answer to this philosophical quandary i refer all of you to my priest...and my psychiatrist...who are the same person. hey, i just saw something on adultswim about how clergypeople are on a list of 15 listing the top fields of work where psychopaths tend to be and dwell and work and are bred...just some food for thought the next time you take the Wafer.
bonus: if all of us in the blogging community pooled our resources together and chained our blogs in unison into one big shining electrical power line of humanity, could we save the world? no, but we could get cut-rate internet deals, like it would be super-cheap to go for the super-fast office-level comcast cable internet package.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the questions!! they were quite thought-provoking and I hope you enjoy my answers.

As always, I love the pics you find to go with this :)

You're the wind? Oh dear, you're screwed my friend ;)


~Kazi xxx

Silverdrop said...

We had fun answering these questions. Great job! :)

AtiyaLuv said...

#1 yes you are right, but the entire cumming scenario is just great itself

#2 makes sense :)

#3 LOL, wondering what you will have to say about this...I should have taken it a bit more serious *grins* wanna ask me again?

#4 I love your answer!!

Bonus - LMAO good point, we should try it


the late phoenix said...

kazi: Earth Mamas unite!

silverdrop: why thank you! thanks so much for the visit.

atiya: clouds, fluffy little clouds...wuvs ya, babes

Angelwithatwist said...

new email addie but same girl.. I am up finally been a long day.. if you are the wind sexy come blow me..

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure those are rabbits in pic #3. Something doesn't look right with their ears.

Thank you for the love baby. And oh boy do I like your carrot ;-)

1. We said the said answer...before. However I never thought of it like you do.

2. (yup...hopped up on carrot juice for sure)
Wait...are the clouds made of cum?

5. If true...scary!

Bonus: it.

Happy TMI Tuesday!


the late phoenix said...

what a twist! (M Night): okay, cool new addie, i'm always ready to blow

H: cum clouds, yes, that was implied. in my world, anything that's white is made of cum...

SubReiSkyeM said...

Thanks for the questions this week!

Cum clouds... I'll never look at them the same way again!!

the late phoenix said...

Skye: I think all of the hop is out of me now...