Friday, January 11, 2013


then, everybody out there, please answer the following questions:
1. what was your favorite part of this episode? why?
2. what was your least favorite part of this presentation here and why?
3. what was to you the most disturbing part of this vid? why?
4. recount in full detail over the course of your life the one nightmare you had that was truly the most disturbing or strange or the one you'll never forget because it was unforgettably surreal or frightening. the wake-up-in-night-sweats-one. shivers.
5. do you find knights in shining armor sexy? how shiny does he have to be? how would you fuck him, armor left on or off? maybe cut a hole in the crotch-area metal and perform a gloryhole-style blowjob? please, enchant me with your medieval tales...

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the late phoenix said...

1. the limby creatures straight out of a Tool music video...cause, y'know, Tool can do no wrong.

2. does not apply, it's Off The Air and thus by default it can't be bad, none of it.

3. it's never the overtly scary stuff that does it, it's usually the funny stuff, one person's ha-ha funny is another's ha-ha strange. for me, it's the roller coaster, coasters disturb me to this day, i always feel i'm gonna fly out into the sky and down to my death when i ride 'em.

4. one just recently actually. these past two months i've been bombarded with numerous dentist visits to fix this and that in my mouth, one session it's the root canal, another it's a gold cap, another for gums. after my root canal, i nightmared about a doctor who told me i neede major back surgery or i'd walk with a severe limp for the rest of my life, my two legs were not the same size, one was half the size of the other, i'd be a deformed shuffling freak, but the surgery required to make me not so was itself a freakshow, i saw in my head the horrors of a botched back surgery, cords and fluids flying everywhere in the operating room...

5. yes/shinier than the sun/of course armor on, otherwise she's not technically a knight(ess)/gloryhole cunt lick i believe the medieval peasants called it