Wednesday, July 11, 2012



click on the lovely Wednesday Mourning, my kind of goth babe, to make the series go *start*, 1 of 4. Wednesday, btw, is trying to avoid those balloon-sized rain droplets with her midnight-black parasol there. don't worry, it's not a gang sign. not quite sure what it's gonna end up being, but, yeah


THEN, please answer the following questions:

1. does now + then = now and then?
2. where were you when it all came crumbling down?
3. what is your favorite memory of yourself ever?
4. do you think we'll ever see a decade like the '90s again, a period of time of the utmost in creativity when it came to music, arcades, game shows, comic books, cereal, sports, video games, cartoons, animation, fast food, tv, film, plaid, attitudes, fashion, and just general awesomeness? or has the internets age destroyed all of our futures into cookie-cutter drones?
5. would you consider going into the ODDITIES shop in San Fran, shooting the breeze with Wednesday Mourning, and, say, switching your anniversary gift to a jar of liquid in which is contained a mummified two-headed squirrel?

watch Wednesday Mourning's show whenever it's on, check your local listings for time and station,




the late phoenix said...

1. i am more English than Math, but now + then = everything in time = The God Particle

2. the Berlin Wall...oh, wait

3. the time i typed up this scintillating post and its 5 questions

4. no, it's over, it's all just nostalgia now, take it for what it's worth, treasure all the nostalgia arrows you'll get pierced with from here on in, it's never coming back, internet=death

5. i will do anything Wednesday Mourning commands of me...but i won't do THAT *slams into piano-playing*

Anonymous said...

1. I dont know.
2. It was always partially crumbled
3. Every once in awhile things are perfect, but it only lasts for a few ungraspable seconds and then its gone
4. No, its over. It is nostalgia only for days past, some that you werent even alive for.
5. Yes. I like that show better than the Chicago one. Only an hour away, maybe I will see you there. :)

Jax said...

I totally hope that we see another time like the 90s again!! Well, minus the fashion. I don't miss that part... ;)

Nolens Volens said...

1. Yes
2. Over there
3. I never can settle for one, ever
4. I witnessed the rise and I think we will see another rise
5. Nope, but I'd look around in there for sure

Jack and Jill said...

It doesn't look like a gang sign. To me it almost looks like that old "Here's the church and here's the steeple" thing.

1. I always thought that now + then = "now then", which is something that no one I know actually says.

2. Depends what is being referred to. The Berlin Wall? I was swinging the hammer. Billy Eckstein's volcano science project? I was the guy aiming the hose.

3. Typing this comment right now.

4. I believe the internet has rendered most aspects of pop culture irrelevent. So while I don't think we'll see the sort of decade you describe ever again, we will view all mediocre decades with the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia.

5. I feel quite sheepish about not knowing about the Oddities shop, considering I live just moments from San Francisco.


KaziG said...

1. No, but it might be synonymous with "then and now"
2. Broken cookies have no calories
3. Childhood always has a rosy glow
4. We always seem to look back in awe at certain generations... I think we will be able to continue to do so
5. Lead the way, baby...

~Kazi xxx

Cheeky Minx said...

While I try and gather my thoughts after the sight of your glorious fingers...

1. Both are nothing more than a temporal continuum, Bergsonian duration if you will. (I see us getting drunk and waxing lyrical about this, don't you?)
2. I'm crumbling as we speak... type... think...
3. Me in a string bikini circa a million years ago. (Or was that Raquel Welsh?)
4. Are you telling me it's not 1999? I can hear Prince singing in my head...
5. Sadly, I've not seen the show. Clearly, there's a hole in my TV education. Care to fill it?

Love ya, babe... :*

the late phoenix said...

trixie: ungraspable, word of the century, love the new avatar, redheads are my kryptonite

jax: it's either the plaid or Vanilla Ice's jumpsuit

nv: rise and fall, we do and all

jj: that's exactly what i was going for. next week, it's church, not gang, signs.

kazi: broken cookies are no good to eat, but perfect to fight computer viruses

cheeky babes: i'm being crude, sorry, but all i heard was "holes to fill". string bikini...a future TNH pic? *fingers crossed*