Saturday, July 7, 2012

tell me your most fanciful theory on the origin of the high five.



Missed Periods said...

When the world was created, we were all joined with another at the palms. Then, we became to powerful and Zeus separated us. And now for the rest of our existence, we are searching, through high-fives, for our soul mate (well, actually palm mate).

the late phoenix said...

missed: YOU are my palm mate.

Tom said...

Supposedly, in some primitive cultures, when you greet another man you would not shake his hand, but fondle his testicles.

I mean, what better what to prove to someone that you trust him than to put your balls in his hand?

But naturally, pants got in the way of such things, and it would be a little awkward in a business setting to grope each other's acorns.

So society had to come up with a new method. And since men are always playing with our nuts anyway, you slap hands. "Your hand touched your balls and my hand touched my balls, and now our hands have touched to share the ball-touching experience."

It's kind of like a Vulcan mind meld... for balls.

the late phoenix said...

very interesting theories, you two, that sure livens up the ol' standard of it originating from a women's volleyball team...then again, it is a women's volleyball team, which can be quite interesting