Monday, August 22, 2011



then, recount your deepest-held feeling/memory of george michael, be it proud and hopeful or sad and tragic, be it a prom party or a bathroom stall...



KaziG said...

I have an entire album of his, and of course Careless Whisper figures right up there, but the big one for me was always Father Figure and the feelings it evoked. Before I really understood the lyrics, I always thought of it as a Daddy's little girl song... now I know better, it's more of a D/LG dynamic, which was the first once I tried when I came to 'live' BDSM :s

nitebyrd said...

That was a very brave man.

My fondest or any memory of George Michael? None. Isn't that a Seether song? ;)

Anonymous said...

I will remember forever seeing him in a Wham! video the first time. My friend's mom called us into the room saying You have to see this cute guy! And I was like Er.......well.... and years later when it was revealed he was gay I was like YEAH DUH!

Also, my husband has a picture of himself in that bathroom. LOL

the late phoenix said...

kazi: that father figure video can have many interpretations, cab driver as stalker? :O

nite: yeah, you're right! ^^ <-----metal horns

trixie: you must post that pic ;)

KaziG said...

Actually, I never saw the video or I would probably have a different spin on it. I prefer to listen to my music rather than watch a music video, so never been a fan of MTV or YouTube.