Wednesday, August 10, 2011



first, click on Yggdrasil the Tree of Life to start up the series


when a life ends
it's all over, really really over
the accumulation of dreams, hopes, and wishes
comes to a strict end, black
the tree which kept you company as a youth
whose braches you forced to carry your treehouse
is now the Tree of Life
it has passed you by
it has forgotten your touches when you were building
but has It forgotten your hugs?
enjoy the melody
enjoy this melody while you can
for soon, you will have never existed
what will be your last thought?
thinking of that hot summer night
when you curled up under a tree's leaf canopy
and thought about your last thought



Cheeky Minx said...

Your touch, your hug, the thought of your final thought, they linger, they leave their trace.

I know that for a fact since your chest has left its mark on me... x

Anonymous said...

which to like more...the picture or the music? *pondering*

boneman said...

well, I know enough science to figure energy is never lost, only changed.
so nothing is gone... only changed.

Then again, I'm too old to understand what the words were they sang, and too young to listen.
But I do know that's a cool phoenix you sport. And you send us to cool music.
And for being so hospitable, I hope you hit the lottery someday...


KaziG said...

I love the images you share :)

The impressions we make upon the world
Our 'writing on the wall'
Will endure if we plan well
We are more than castles in the sand



Anonymous said...

Video started my dog a yapping for some reason. Thinking she doesn't like the Pumpkins at one in the morning.

No black for me in the end. I plan on being reincarnated as a lizard.

V said...

Lovely true. Great pic, too! HHNT!

the late phoenix said...

cheeky babes: my chest, thus my purpose, can now breathe a sigh a relief

secretive: definitely the MUSIC!!!

connell: i just found out today that my winning lottery numbers are 1234567890

kazi: i can't step foot on a beach or my ghost will burn up, but i like the concept of sand castles in the clouds

pocket: go with the SOBE lizard, that liquid is thirst-quenching

V: thank you Very much :)

boneman said...

now if you could just put them in the right order.

boneman said...

the numbers, that is.

Elle said...

With your post title, I thought I'd click and find you had grown a shag. :P

the late phoenix said...

connell: i've narrowed down my first three picks. i'm thinking 123...after that, i'm stuck

elle: that reminds me, i need to get my carpet cleaned today

viemoira said...


I will still with being here and now- that is aout all I can handle! :)
HHNT belated...

the late phoenix said...

vie: a pinch of cinnamon and the dish is done