Monday, August 15, 2011



a dream day, once in a lifetime for most folks, never happening for others, but one our fevered brains all jump up and down over. that's when you wake up close to suicide but something unexpected happens, well, someone unexpectedly happens, some sexy stranger bumps into you and scoops you up out of your doldrums. after the necessary, contractual six hours of hard fucking and bodily fluids ruining the sheets, you two get down to brass tax and discuss each others' dreams. the whole scenario seems like a dream, maybe it is a dream, maybe you're asleep right now, but does it matter? if it happens in your subconscious, it still happens, right? you still feel it. oh, just to conclude, after all the airy talking about the weather and whether or not we're actually real, you two part cordially...and have your first real kiss goodbye, those other kisses while you were fucking don't count, that's just lusty instinct.

what's your dream day? describe it. where are you? what are you contemplating when that mysterious stranger enters the scene? what does he/she say that are the perfect words for that particular moment in time, that particular situation in your life? who is this beautiful stranger? someone famous? or your next-door neighbor whom you've always wanted to heartily bang? we're becoming amateur screenwriters here, my babies, consider this a free class! people, people, it's free, what do you expect? oh, lastly, remember the first rule in all good writing: NEVER leave out the juicy parts...



nitebyrd said...

My dream day would be me alone on a beautiful beach with some hot guy bringing me drinks with umbrellas in them. He would not be allowed to talk. I would also not have one thing to worry about. And the weather would be perfect! Then in the evening, Tim Burton would take me to dinner.

the late phoenix said...

i've been known to keep silent for long stretches of time ;)

tim burton is uber cool