Friday, January 8, 2016



* Barney (talking to himself): Betty's beating the fuck out of that rug. don't get on her bad side. just a mental note.

* Fred: the wives sure do work hard, huh?
Barney: yeah. wanna go help them?
Fred: nah.

* Barney: i'm bored all the time, Fred. no matter what i do, nothing energizes me. i'm dying, buddy.
Fred: *trademark laugh* nah, nobody every died of boredom. it's just life in the Stone Age.
Barney: do you think life will ever get better?
Fred: sure, once we get more technology. here, have a Winston Cigarette. now don't you feel better?
Barney: no, but i look cooler.

* Fred: yeah i know Winston, they come in all these delicious flavors like Fred Flintstone Fruit Punch, Wilma Watermelon, Barney Rubble Rhubarb, Betty Blueberry, and Dino Dill.
Barney: all i know is that my dad smoked.

* Fred: hey Barney ol' pal, what does the 20 on the box mean?
Barney: one smoke of this stuff is like smoking 20 cigarettes. also it takes 20 workers to make the tobacco specially selected and specially processed.
Fred: those 20 workers are living the dream...

* Wilma: are you trying to kill me, Fred?
Fred: WILMAAAAAAAAA! why would you say that, honey? i love you. let me light that cigarette for you.
Wilma: okay. just no more singing. you can't sing.


happy weekend


the late phoenix said...

RIP my ipad mini. poor fella. kaput. black screen. button on top doesn't work. one too many battery charges. that stuff is addictive. so there go my instagram stories for the foreseeable future. unless i can get it fixed. if i need to get a new one, the foreseeable future will get hella cloudy...

Jules said...

Take 20, have a rhubarb rubble and things won't look quite so dire. Happy weekend, my sweet *)

the late phoenix said...

thank you, mah dahlin, i needed that. i'm stressed out all the time. i need something to calm me down. *drinks coffee* it's in the Apple shop, *fingers crossed emoji* (why is there no fingers-crossed emoji?) *big kiss* *)