Friday, January 15, 2016



* narrator: don't stick out your tongue, Vault Boy, that's not falling malt balls!

* narrator: the fallout will turn ordinary citizens into decrepit rotting beings who've lost their ability to reason.
Vault Boy: politicians.
narrator: they will be without common manners and quick to anger.
Vault Boy: voters.

* narrator: enthusiasm will only take you so far. do you know the percentage chance of shooting that zombie?
Vault Boy: yeah, 100%, but i don't feel like shooting that zombie today. from now on, please address me as Vault Emo Boy.

* narrator: let's try that again.
Vault Boy: nobody understands me. i don't care about this stupid video game. holy fuck, did i just come back from the dead?! now REALLY nobody understands me.
narrator: tell you what, finish the rest of these promos and i'll give you Lazarus's number.

* narrator: watch your penis there, Vault Boy, there may be a Vault Girl...

* Vault Boy: i'm a fuckin' underground ninja.
huge mutant rats attack Vault Boy.
Vault Boy: why, Master Splinter, why?

* Vault Boy balances himself above with his finger plugging the mouth of the bottle.
Vault Boy: this is my yoga. this is also how i avoid becoming an alcoholic.

* Vault Boy assaults an unsuspecting dreamer.
unsuspecting dreamer: i am you sleeping! you just killed yourself.
Vault Boy: that's deep. but this is all a dream, right?
unsuspecting dreamer: yes. now go out there and live your dreams!


happy weekend


Jules said...

Happy weekend, Vault Boy. Remove that finger from the bottle - that's how you kill the zombies. *)

the late phoenix said...

narrator: Vault Boy, don't go sticking your finger in every hole you see...

happy weekend, my sweet *big kiss* *)