Monday, May 4, 2015


1. how long have you been blogging? when i started, there were no birds, only dinosaurs.

2. tell us about your pen name. yeah, it was given to me by my favorite bird, my Papa Phoenix. Papa swooped me up from my village one day and into his nest where he fed me mealworms. those became my favorite beetles until a certain invasion switched my loyalties. one day Pop went out to get a pack of smokes and never came back. the villagers said they saw him smoking...ritually.

3. what is your blog about? yes it's about that.

4. do you earn money from your blog? this is a sore subject.

5. what inspired you to blog? i had no life and wanted to become famous. now that i blog i literally have no life and can't enjoy the fame. fame sucks.

6. what keeps you blogging? the phoenix has become the albatross.

7. any advice for readers looking for love? looking to get laid? looking for a threesome?

the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death---Oscar Wilde

enjoy the sumptuous Smashing Pumpkins video "Stand Inside Your Love" for further details.

8. did you do your kegels today? when was the last time? men: there is no evidence that kegels prevent erectile dysfunction---source: WebMD. thank you, i trust WebMD, whenever i have a question about my health, the first thing i do is go to the internet.

bonus: do you have any special sexual gifts or talents or tricks? do tell.

i'm gonna let my hand take this one, he's seen all the action, not me. hand, the floor is yours:

*prehistoric crickets*

hmmm, sorry folks, he's normally so active.



Anonymous said...

"the phoenix has become the albatross."

This is VERY deep. No seriously. Think about it.

bonus: :D :D :D :D

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Jules said...

knew it was about that. I had you pegged before T Rex ate meat. *)

the late phoenix said...

H: thank you, babe, you too! i am deep...underground with my Papa Phoenix, we're on a journey to the center of the Earth on our Last Crusade.

juli: the T rex once had massive Popeye arms but it stopped eating its spinach cos the Meteor came and destroyed all the spinach cans *)

Cheeky Minx said...

You give new meaning to 'speak to the hand'. ;-)

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: my hand is quite the storyteller when it's just us two. he tells me all the lady fingers consider him the handsomest in the land. he was George Costanza's hand-picked hand model successor. now that he's a big star, my hand is quite the handful ;)

Jack and Jill said...

Great answers, but your answer to #5 hits particularly close to home. When we blogged near daily in 2012 we felt like Indiana Jones running from the boulder.

Bonus points for the Oscar Wilde quote!

the late phoenix said...

jj: i know how you feel, i truly do. i used to blog a post a day here but then my brain broke...more. it's the same with my instagrams, i did one a day till i really just needed to do one chapter of the story a week. for sanity :)