Monday, May 25, 2015



* so i am of the House of Porcupine as you can see up there, that's my heraldry, that's what everyone on that throne game show is playing for, that throne that looks like a porcupine's back, and the trip to Mexico.

* is that a shoe logo or a pot logo? i can't tell, i'm stoned. pot is now Registered y'know.

1. which of the following is your view of sex? a) ritual b) game c) performance d) adventure e) other:
Trouble with a capital T, the board game Trouble with that bubble. i love poppin' that bubble...

2. your view of spontaneous vs. planned sex? a) spontaneous better b) spontaneous is rushed, i prefer some time c) i like the anticipation before planned sex d) planning is a must, my life is such: whoever's reading this, this is serious, i need a vacation badly, i want to go to Paris with you for a coupla weeks like right now, let's go. we'll do it in the lobby.

3. at the beginning of sex, what is your most immediate worry? a) take too long b) over too soon c) you will be interrupted d) fail to please your partner otherwise known as partnerfail e) your partner will fail to please you also known as partnerfail f) pain g) discussion/argument: that there won't be enough butter.

4. at the beginning of sex, what happy result are you looking forward to most? a) orgasm b) emotional intimacy c) pleasing your partner d) closeness e) not being so horny afterward: closeness, openness. wait...closed, open, the same? i just own cyberbrain.

5. after sex, how long till you start looking forward to the next time? there's a next time?

BONUS: your ideal date would be: a) pizza and a movie b) hot dog and a ball game c) picnic and a bike ride d) candlelit dinner: the pizza guy comes over with his hot dog and balls game, we make a movie: i ride his bike, and we finish with candle wax.



Jules said...

Meet me at St Pancras Eurostar. We can practise on the train before you even have to say "Oooh la la"

the late phoenix said...

YES, MAH DAHLIN, LET'S GO!!! trains are romantic. afterwards we can have cinnabon croissants (not that Croissants), french-roast coffee, and i can fulfill my lifelong dream of being in a can-can line! *)