Monday, February 16, 2015



1. what are some challenges related to your sex life? i can't move.

2. is quality or quantity most important? why must we always choose? why can't we all have the Sting tantra?

3. how much sex is enough? i'm still pondering a thought exercise that was just left here by Hannibal on the Eric Andre Show: isn't there enough porn? shouldn't we just use what's already out there? is there a need for new porn? the bush porn from the '70s is classic for a reason.

4. i want to have more: TIME to get bored. being bored is fun.

5. i would like to attempt new sex positions such as THE RUSTY VENTURE, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK.

6. i would like to stop doing______sex position. any, sex is all in the mind. the sexiest organ is the brain, the largest organ is the skin, Dr. Frankenstein taught me this one time when i went to his cottage for tea and biscuits and KFC biscuits, last week.

7. for me foreplay means______ doing it, physically, in every hole and position imaginable and unimaginable, all day long during business hours, politely returning the key on that long block of wood afterwards to the manager, in a Burger King bathroom.

8. something i think about a lot related to sex is________where do babies come from? how do the birds and the bees get together? do the stings hurt good? where do they do it? like on a flowerpetal at night?

bonus: tell us something you love about your sex life. simple science: if there's no kinetic energy happening in me, that means there's 100% potential energy in me. 100%, that's pretty good.




Jules said...

I am now enlightened and somewhat confused on a "Rusty Venture"

You know he has to make an MA appearance. *)

Cheeky Minx said...

"why can't we all have the Sting tantra?" should become our new sex mantra... ;-)

cammies on the floor said...

Hey, thanks for the great eye candy when I first clicked on this post. So thoughtful!

the late phoenix said...

juli mah dahlin: a Venture Bros episode is like a Stradivarius, it takes forever to produce waiting for those slow-growing trees, two genius men only do everything on the show, but the results are intoxicatingly smart and the best show on tv. it's worth the wait, for it's a Stradivarius.

cheeky: tantra mantra, sexy wordplay, my beautiful!

cammies: you're quite welcome, those hot dudes put out the heat and turn up the heat at the same time!

Weirdough said...

Can't move? Means you won't say no if I hop on top, correct? ;3

the late phoenix said...

weir: yes