Friday, February 13, 2015


remember Janis Ian "At Seventeen", first show? so beautifully delicate. beloved Gilda Radner. need a guide to all the craziness goin' down this Sunday night? Saturday Night Live is turning 40, it's rebelling, as it always has, by being on Sunday, but it's no 17yo teenager anymore, it's officially middle-aged, there's no weaseling out of this. denial is not a river in Egypt. i know that 40 is the new 30, but you can't trust anyone over 30, so it's moot. even Deepak Chopra agrees. there are so many memories, so many priceless skits, so many stars, unforgettable characters, so many Presidential elections determined, so many catchphrases burned into our psyches, classic lines of the zeitgeist, indelible moments, i can't think of any off the top of my head here....but....wait....oh yeah, there's cowbell, i know that one, and Jeopardy. everybody's gonna be there. Kanye'll be there. one word: Michael O'Donoghue, most fearless writer ever, don't believe me?, take a look at his wikipedia picture. Eddie Murphy's coming back after THIRTY YEARS away. THAT's gonna be an awkward first hello and handshake. the show got canceled briefly so it's like Family Guy. Seth has hosted it. trying to bring in the new, now, hip demographic. in the 80s, it got briefly canceled, so it's like those Saturday-morning cartoons of your childhood nostalgia, it's all Saturday see?, bringing in my X generation. Kanye brings in the rest. i mean you have Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, the role she was born to play, the female version of Malcolm McDowell's Alex DeLarge. and you have just Tina Fey herself, perfect as is. you have Kristen Wiig being in every sketch, that's a good thing, she's hot, she's the perfect older-woman hot, y'know? if not for SNL, i would never have discovered Haddaway. what is love? seriously. what is it? you've got Will Ferrell. full disclosure, he was big when i was away at college, College sweater, i never saw any of his era's episodes, so. i know he's Buddy the elf and everything, still haven't seen Elf though i'm told by everyone in the entire world that it's good. he starred in that Tim & Eric movie. Tim & Eric spoofed SNL in one of their episodes. they should host one day. their insane meta antihumor would cancel the show again finally, which is what some want. some say SNL has been anti-humor, too, it's been unfunny for decades, well two, ever since the 90s glory days. everything was glory days in the 90s. Dana Carvey. would never have been exposed to Bohemian Rhapsody otherwise, would have been too long a song to sit through for a spastic child as myself if it weren't a really special occasion. it was better when it had real competition, Mad TV, which i did watch in college, continually kicking SNL's ass. maybe not in the ratings but in quality. it doesn't matter how low the ratings get, SNL, an expensive show to produce, will never be canceled (again), that is the true genius of Lorne Michaels. i think Stuart is a jab at Will Ferrell and Elf but don't quote me on that. don't fret, Key & Peele is Mad TV now. nowadays you have brimming talent like Kate McKinnon of course, already a superstar, and Kyle Mooney, very talented, see his Chris shorts where he plays the disaffected youth who listens to metal, it is so spot-on of folks i grew up with, folks either i wanted to join but wasn't cool enough or ended up joining cos i wasn't cool enough. in celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime show, let's take a look at what's perceived to be the worst skit in SNL history. SNL would find this funny.


* i found this funny.

* at least it's historically accurate.

* are you like me? did you want this to be longer?

* take it from me: tassels are itchy.

* this is reportedly the Queen's favorite-ever skit.

* this is like a Monty Python sketch in the earliest, and i mean infancy earliest, stages.

* this is making me want to go see Fifty Shades of Grey in a theater alone.



happy weekend. Valentine's Day is a sham holiday perpetrated by the card and candy companies, and i say this as an owner of a card-and-candy store. yes, i hear ya, absolutely, i'm with all the singles out there, Singles Awareness Day. hey singles, come into my store this weekend for 30% off all cards and candy. remember, this weekend only!



Jules said...

Yes I wanted it to be longer! Brilliant!

Neither vid links work for me. It's OUTRAGEOUS!

Happy VD*)

the late phoenix said...

juli: argh! there really should be universal video streaming across the planet sponsored by Ingsoc and Burger King. the name of the skit is Jack the Stripper or Royal Stripper *)

Cheeky Minx said...

Damn it. I missed the Singles discounts. Now I'm very SAD...

the late phoenix said...

cheeky, your wordplay is making me weak in the knees! i'm thinking the originator of Singles Awareness Day probably thinks the SAD acronym is unfortunate...