Friday, February 6, 2015



* my therapist was trying to figure out what was wrong with me and pointed me to this commercial. we had our first breakthrough. this is what happened to me when i was born.

* the nurse was jelly of Jelly, Jelly stole her man, but this is never the right course of action.

* when you first hear it, you think Jelly is gonna say penis, not peanut butter, huh.

* i feel so sorry for Jelly, the way she says AW JAMMIT it seems she's been through this before.

* i never got PB&J. never liked them as a kid. it's overkill. the peanut butter is rich enough to stand on its own, a peanut-butter sandwich is gold on a cold day. that jelly sandwich hit the sweet spot the time i spent the whole day consoling my best friend after he peed his pants and it got all over the classroom floor, turning it into a half-day. it's enough, combining them is overpowered. with great power comes great responsibility, and no one can be responsible for that much sugar. and to top it all off, sometimes the crusts are cut off. WTF!!!!!! the crust is the best part, no one eats bread for the doughy center, people toast bread cos they want to make bread more like the crust, not the center. i'm toasted. toast to toast *clink* that was the clink of the toaster. Battlestar Galactica.

* my mom's a nurse so i will always only see them as admirable, noble, beautiful, selfless, generous, tireless caregivers of light in white. saints. angels of mercy but not necessarily time for the Angel of Mercy just yet.

* thus, Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest freaked me out, especially since i always thought i was destined to end up in one of those funny farms.

* however, i also developed a thing for Nurse Ratched, thusly. i mean look at her firm grip on the mic up above there.

* and you thought getting switched at birth was bad.......well it's good if you get switched into the rich family.....


happy weekend. i'll be spending all weekend activating my glutes.



Jules said...

Love pop tarts. Hate peanut butter. Dilemma. *)

the late phoenix said...

you bring your jelly, i'll bring my jelly, we'll walk down the street together and everyone will be jelly of us *)

Jules said...

jelly h8ers *)