Monday, May 12, 2014


1. my favorite month is________because___________. September because THIS, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK.

2. _________a fresh breeze. my undies could use a fresh breeze.

3. i love a good________. twirl in the hay. i'm halfway there now that i live in the barn adjacent to my parents' barn. i got all the hay in the world to myself. man cave is situated. i'm ready to entertain the farmer's daughter.

4. ________is a breakfast treat for me but_______is what i want for dessert. cereal is what i eat for breakfast, but i want Juli for dessert. our Cinnabon date.

5. the hobby i enjoy most______. stinks

6. ______, oh my! Dick Enberg, oh my!

7. i understand_______to my sanity. i understand blogging is detrimental to my sanity.

8. private________inside. private sex should never be about getting inside. it should be about kisses and hugs. and it should be done in public. FREELOVE!!!

bonus: what is the second pic from up above there? how would you use it? his name was Hearty. he was gonna replace Cupid as the official Mascot of Valentine's Day but the test audiences did not take kindly to him...




AtiyaLuv said...

I am all up for FREELOVE!!

cinnabon date, never thought of a date as delicious!

Happy TMIT

Jules said...

I haven't read past question 4...should I? It will be the sweetest date in history and thereafter.

JustLikeHeaven said...

Freelove is awesome, cinnabons are delicious, I wish I had one now.

the late phoenix said...

atiya: Free Love Freeway, The Office, Muppets...

juli: no, there was only a thing with a failed mascot. we need to make this happen, it must happen...

jlh: my father was a hippie during those beautiful free '60s. RIP.

Anonymous said...


Poor Hearty! :( Mean peoples!

the late phoenix said...

thornymeadow: ironic, huh? this happens to the mascot of love itself. btw, thorny meadow, i love that image.