Monday, May 19, 2014


1. what is your astrological symbol? does it fit you? Aries. i always thought it did, but these things can fit anyone at any time, that's why they've lasted so long. i don't consider myself a ram, more a sheep. i like to ram things, but i also ram into things.

2. list 3 positive traits of your sign that pertain to you: honestly, the only one that makes sense is the passionate one. i mean i'm not courageous, positive, or lively. is there a goth version of the calendar?

3. list 3 of the worst traits that don't pertain to you: indiscipline, confrontational, and tendency to leave projects halfway. i am very disciplined...when the project is worth caring about. still haven't found that project, though, and i'm too lazy to search. i'm the opposite of confrontational. i take the long way from school---2 miles to my house---to avoid the bullies. the bullies enjoy the dice, wisteria, and pecan ice cream while i have to settle for freezer-burned vanilla in my home fridge. turns out they meant fag as in cigarette. once i start a project, i complete it, no matter what. goodbye..............................................................oh fuck, there's more questions.

4. what is your Chinese zodiac animal symbol? California Chrome

5. The Theory of the Five Elements, which element are you in relation to your animal? fire. i used to smoke.

bonus: tell us something interesting about your Five Elements Chinese zodiac: does this still pertain to me now that i don't smoke? there are other rarer elements, like Gum, Patch, and Cold Turkey.

bonus bonus: what cartoon/comic character best describes you? take the test and share the results:


now that makes sense. i played Charlie Brown in a kid's play. nowadays i don't need the skullcap. right before i'd kick the football, i'd ask Lucy for some advice. i'd give her 5 cents. i'd ask her to analyze a bitch, a hypothetical bitch, who would remove a football from someone just as he's about to kick it...




Unknown said...

I would love to see the goth version of the zodiac calendar...

Jules said...

Just the other day someone said that I was very disciplined. I looked around just to make sure they were talking to me because I have never considered myself as such but on further analysis they are probably right as I always finish a project if I start it and have fairly strict routines. I actually believe I am two polar opposite people stuck together to make one which makes life very confusing.

I think you should make a goth calendar Phoenix - there's a project for ya! Go Charlie Brown!

Anonymous said...

Your answers just got funnier as they went on. By the time I got to the Bonus answer I was smiling broadly then broke out into loud laughter.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

psst! You can ram me anytime


the late phoenix said...

jessica rabbit: it would only have three months for three gods: Edgar, Allan, and Poe

juli: i am disciplined in the discipline of karate...on my NES.

H: *baa baa*

Sammi said...

I love your answers :-)

Happy TMI!

the late phoenix said...

sammi: thanks :)