Wednesday, December 12, 2012


click above, the time is drawing near, soon, very soon, the planet Melancholia will smash into Earth, and it will all be over. #3 of 5
i'm in water, in the middle of a vast ocean with no landing in sight, i'm the character in the last crayon drawing of a poor little girl who died of cancer in the hospital, i live out her final wish being the actor in her play, i'm memories, last thoughts, and clips of the past
too tired to move on, to reach for air, to gasp again, but i've made it thus far somehow, not on steam and motivation, but on miserable luck
Dad's Ghost is my swim partner in the salty seas, he was never salty, just hard-going when it came to telling the truth
xmas party, i'm the mistletoe virgin
must remember to take my scheduled 2PM-3PM nap, that's where i rest my head, calm my racing thoughts, and dream up song lyrics and song melodies, they come to me without effort, but FUCK FUCK FUCK i always FUCKING forget the beautiful melodies and chord progressions i envision, they're not there when i wake up, and i bemoan my station in life, that coulda been a #1 selling song on the charts, i could be rich and famous now, i could be next to Seth in line to be interviewed by Barb Walters in her upcoming Fascinating People special
it's all over, it's just begun, a new start of overs, begun into more nevers
water creeping up inside my gullet now, more salt is never a good thing unless on pasta
my physical heart was never the problem, it was strengthening the interior one with exercises of kindness and blog kindness, so rare a commodity these days
the last tree, the last bush, the last Bush
what does it really mean for it all to end?
to end, to end, but the end must find a space in an area which is not the end
the show's over, but the ghosts of the show's actors remain in the lips of those dead and gone but who wrote about what they saw and others saw that online and online is no more but the wisps and thoughts of something are typing again on an unknown planet which is really Earth reborn into another false religion which is typing up new pamphlets to hand out to the adoring congregation and the burden of non-belief gives way to the burden of belief and i'm drowning, so why do i see things clearly for the first time? the water is so murky and yet my eyes are crystal clear
the last joke is the funniest
to not have a life was your life, your destiny is right around the corner, needs more types, more emails, back and forth respond and comment to comment and comment on that comment, 12/12/12, 2012 is really Year Zero
solitary, no boats, paddling silently on an ocean of calm, dead calm, the dead ocean already dead and springing with new lifeforms, another oil spill is par for the course, eventually it all clears up, everything clears up everything eventually eventually eventually
root canals are merely meditative opportunities: Murry Crimbus and a happy Last Year
music music of the sea, a red-haired mermaid glances at me with a childhood nostalgia arrow perched aiming at my third eye
poor girl who died, another shooting, another reason to blend trains of thought into an infomercial blender
a fixed moment in time, a fixed point in time
and *BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB*88888888888888888888888888888888888 star mass Star Mass continued to be continued...somehow...sometime...after these messages, we'll return to the show...swirl swirl swirl swirlie...giant beautiful double-helix shape discovered just in time, everything forms into the double-helix, i'm being sucked in, sucked...AND YOU CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK, LISTEN TO THIS WHILE CLUTCHING THE HAND OF YOUR SISTER IN A MAGIC CAVE WITH A GOLDEN TICKET BY YOUR SIDE...this is Romantic music, not melancholic music, Lars teaches us on the DVD extras...CLICK HERE FOR THE NAUGHTY HANGOUT


Jack and Jill said...

After reading this post I'd be very depressed if not for the link to Tristan and Isolde. Beautiful piece of music.


the late phoenix said...

j: music soothes the savage beast...let's see where i go to, which place i end up, where i travel to with this writing of mine...:)