Friday, December 21, 2012


okay, i need EVERYONE out there, i mean EVERYONE, to participate in this one, i need all of you guys' help. yes, that includes YOU, too! yes, YOU!
that is a festive remake of this commercial: CLICK HERE.
now, everyone, please answer the following questions:
1. which of the two commercials did you enjoy more? why? the one with the milf is the original one.
2. do you ever dress up as a sexy Mrs. Claus or hott elf during the holidays to spice things up in the sack like hot spiced cider?
3. does touching devices count as human contact?
4. do you think Santa studies his sexual naughty list not so much to prepare for the Big Night but rather to glean ideas for Mrs. Claus in the Crimbus sack? a sack, btw, that's adorned with white poofballs
5. how have you used technological advances to advance the fuck quotient in your particular relationship?


the late phoenix said...

1. the original, always go with the original in anything you do. plus, that milf is the perfect combination of hot wife and loving mother, the type of woman i hope to meet some day.
2. i dress up as Mrs. Claus for a particular client, i mean, my friend, it gets so hot in the sack you can make hot cocoa from just the hot air all around the room.
3. no, unless you happen to touch fingers as you're transferring...
4. of course...and those white poofballs add extra lubrication i'm told.
5. i do this blog thing...

Anonymous said...

1. Definitely go with the original! What is it about the MILFs? I'm not complaining. I am one. But what is the attraction?
2. Haven't dressed up like Mrs. Claus, but have waited for the hubby in bed with a Santa hat.
3. Hell no.
4. I'd like to see Santa getting it on with the Mrs. That would be fun to watch.
5. only for my pleasure

the late phoenix said...

secret: i love it when you visit, babe, you make me happy and warm inside. i dunno, there's something about the milf for a man, the milf is sacred, something about the milf's full expression of womanhood...