Wednesday, December 7, 2011



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sometimes i get so lonely i could...

trent lulls me to sleep for the final awakening
starts off slow, but not slow, more like progressively resounding
the beats hit like rocks in socks at the local bar back
the theory, the question of this song, never answered <------skewered
what do i have to do?
at this time of year, when the holly jollies are at their strongest
and lack of family is at its can't-get-away-from-it
the suicide blues are served up with a dash of blog snow
what do i have to say?
do i have to Occupy The Moon in order to build my kingdom?:
build my bride and finally get love
show love, reflect love, create love
create a false empty notion into woman
or into myself, alone on the surface of the dead moon
the drums start pounding, music to my ears, i might even join in the country
liking country music for the first time
put down the Deliverance banjo and pick up the triangle
lost in the Bermuda type,
i pick up the tambourine and try to blend into trent's shouts
what do i need to know?

i must ask, i need a definitive answer, please, before the tidings excruciatingly flow again:
why do you get all the love in the world?



Jack and Jill said...

Nice candy cane. ;)

Cheeky Minx said...

You and me and your delicious cane (of candy), we should fly to the big ball of cheese in the sky, we should defy gravity, get lost in the triangle, be the groom and the bride.

(Love, love, love... It all hangs on a thread. Some get it for a lifetime, some for a mere sweet moment.)

Glorious post, babe.. :*

KaziG said...

This time of year is damn hard
And so I put on the best of performances
So that none may see the pain
Love is where you find it
Elusive for some
Magnetic for the charismatic
Falling flakes of snow-love in between
Dance in the storm, make your own merry
See who joins in...

~Kazi xxx :*

Anonymous said...

Trent seems like he would be lonely to me. Not that I'd know of course. He has been a rock star so long he is probably batshit crazy by now anyway and thinks his toothbrush is an alien with a weird hairdo.

the late phoenix said...

jack: if was either that or the santa hat <----hey, that rhymed, poet not know it

cheeky: it's those mere sweet moments which kill the most

kazi: wonderful, wonderful verse, you have my vote for Poet Laureate this year

pocket: it's all good 'cause the Troll Toothpaste blends well with the toothbrush. toothbrushes ARE aliens, though

viemoira said...

Because i get all the hate too! ;)
I heart NIN, do I get a candy cane to suck??

the late phoenix said...

vie: my candy cane's been more white than red-and-white these days, if you catch my drift

Elle said...

I love that song. I don't know the answer though, I don't even know if someone can get all the love in the world ;)

the late phoenix said...

elle: there was someone who did it: his name was Charlie Sheen

Anonymous said...

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