Monday, December 12, 2011


first, couple of things off the bat: yes, i have fantasized about *licking* the green m and m babe. does that make me unusual? not in the circles i travel in

second, just throwing it out there on a chilly morning, see if anyone bites: if the Seer sees all, who sees the Seer in order to validate what's being seen?


which one would you choose? do you like getting eaten or being the eater. i'm a nibbler by habit, scientific studies have proven that smarter people tend to nibble on bread four times a day inbetween meals rather than just have the standard three meals a day. that's me, the nibbler, i had that nickname in college, but that was for something else i did. you?

...bowl of nuts...*beavis and butt-head laugh heheheheh---heheheh---heheheh*...



pepper said...

The Over-Seer, man.

And i much prefer being the nibbler, than being the nibble-ee......just sayin'.

the late phoenix said...

the Overseer is the man, man

Inferno said...

I would so lick that green M&M till she melted in my mouth. She is a sexy bit of sweetness.

the late phoenix said...

better than a sweety

viemoira said...

Rev. Maynard James Keenan can see the Seer! :P
You gots the M&M Fetish eh?

the late phoenix said...

vie: I'M GOING *GREEN*, wink wink