Wednesday, November 2, 2011



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we meet, we meet finally, stranger bloggers taking a chance, i knocked on your door nervously, you answered sheepishly, we weren't wearing the right clothes, i step inside, you let me in like the vampire lore, we walk awkwardly to the kitchen table, we sip cold tea, we mumble about computer hacking and how hard it is to do the clicky function with hnt pictures, we stare into each others' eyes for the first time, the image and profile never match the real person, the real flesh, we ignore all the warning signs, we crave the danger somehow, we kiss without thinking about it, those are always the best kisses, we kiss the other cheek like jesus, we prepare, i kiss her neck, she kisses my unknown face, i've never been held like that before, we move our hands down and remove the clothes clumsily, i pretend to be a porn lothario and wipe away with my limp arms all of the clutter on the table, i take off the table cloth and lay her naked body down flat on this makeshift bed, i place a nearby rose in my mouth and position my small penis into her glorious clit, i spit the clit first to lubricate, in preparation to split the clit, then the fit becomes more manageable, i thrust as if my life depends on it, 'cause it does, she feigns pleasure, i can see it in her eyes, she smiles on the inside, that's what i catch, she can't fake these emotions for long, because we do care for each other, that's the difference, that's what separates this from a random booty call, she closes her eyes, but i still sense her inner feelings, we rock each others' worlds, for those are the only worlds which exist in this null universe, The Real World is as fake as they come, that's three minutes of glory, a new personal best record for me, she turns around quickly, but not before she shoots a wry smile straight into my orbitals, it's time for the sacred anal, the blessing every man yearns for, i enter her tattooed back door, oh this is truly glorious, the back and forth like wild bunnies, not cute rabbits, we are animals moaning and unconscious, we love each other so fucking hard, i feel it, i'm gonna cum, i shoot the strange white stuff into her waiting tongue, she swallows it all down as if a midnight snack of milk and cookies, that is special milk, a strange, goopy white that signals passion and decadence.

we love, i love her so much that i hold over her tiny head the parasol, to protect her from the rain that pours down on us as we take a leisurely boat ride down the middle of the lake, rain is meant to be admired from a dry spot and pondered over, and you can't do that when you're distracted from being constantly wet and battered with droplets.

we are dust now, it's thirty years later, we are two lovers who have each seen their end, we die far apart from our love moment, we lost touch decades ago, but the love is enough to bring us together for one last thought, we are now two streams of dust lifted by the strong winds over canyons and streams and yes, the lake, do we remember each other after all this time, does our love make us see each other, does it grant us eyes for one more moment to gaze into each others' souls, will i see my babe's face again? my beloved dust.



pepper said...

i really love your stream-of-consciousness style, there, my friend. the 'tattooed back door'....nice. My back is tattooed...does that count?

Molly said...

Beautiful prose


KaziG said...

That's an intriguing new tummy series :)

Melancholy mind meandering... one hopes it does make a difference, in the end.

~Kazi xxx

boneman said...

yeah, that's what it sounded like.
I came by and tapped on the door, brought a friend, we thought "cards" but no answer.
I started to knock a lil louder, but she stopped me..."wait< she said in a whisper, "I think they're busy,"
and sure enough, I listened, and...oops.
I should have called....
We slipped away quietly...

Elle said...

That's a yummy tummy picture, and melancholic words. Makes me wish I knew the full tale :P

Cheeky Minx said...

"my beloved dust" will haunt me forever and a day.

You're an eternally heady mix of the sacred and the profane, babe... :*

the late phoenix said...

pepper: oh it counts, it very very yes counts!

molly: not as beautiful as you

kazi: in the end <---- linkin park hopes for an answer as well

bone: i had four-of-a-kind, but he had five-of-a-kind, it just wasn't my night

elle: the tale is never full until my tummy gets full...of melancholia

cheeky: to be honest with you, i prefer the profane just a bit more

Philosophia said...

I love your artistic musings here, darlin'. Quite the creative genius aren't ya? IT's a new side of you, I'm seeing, and it's quite intriguing. You exhibit just the right touch of emotion and sarcasm to create an intriguing story.


Missed Periods said...

You do write beautifully.

viemoira said...

So beautiful- especially; "She feigns pleasure, i can see it in her eyes, she smiles on the inside"

what a tease... *grins*

the late phoenix said...

sophia: i'm working on taming my sarcasm, but sometimes the lion comes out of the cage, y'know?

missed: i figured this was my one chance to unleash it all

vie: inside :) > outside :)

Anonymous said...

I am behind on your blog :( but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your story and the picture... well I want to see more. hehehe