Monday, October 31, 2011

ASS AT 0:13


who says 13 is an unlucky number on this day of bad luck and scary misfortune? so i had to combine the message of *find your beach* with this just happening to be the day of halloween, and i came up with PUMPKINS ON THE BEACH!!!

pretty, huh? not as pretty as the babe, but it works

not as awesome as my favorite band smashing pumpkins, but it rocks in its own way

if someone were to come up to you, slam a microphone in your face, y'know, one of those on-the-street reporters, and he told you to "FIND YOUR BEACH," how would you respond? would you slug him? would you run away with him?

speaking of things scary, a woman's fine ass, that can be intimidating, but i've learned over the years to simply worship and not try to dominate it. you cannot control the divine shape and the blissful concept of a lady's butt, you can only hope to count yourself among the blessed for having seen it and typed about it. and on that one special occasion, that one hot night, if she allows you to enter it, if she okays the opening of the back door, well, you can stand ERECT and proud that this sex will be the best, and the good will of this sex is a force that can conquer even the most hellish of ghouls and ghosts that this night will bring. hard, wet, sloppy fucking can defeat the Devil.



pepper said...

'hard, wet, sloppy fucking can defeat the Devil.' Oh, my dear phoenix, you certainly have a way with words!! Now my sphincter is yearning....

the late phoenix said...

pepper: it's that good feeling of soreness down there the next morning, huh?

Missed Periods said...

They don't teach you that in church. And that's why I come here.

the late phoenix said...

missed: ah, church, i remember that building...ten years ago