Wednesday, November 16, 2011



first, click on the magical swamp of life lessons for #3 in the series


do i want to die?
do i want to die?
do i want to die/
that's what the song keeps imploring of me
well, yes i don't

if only my priest had stood on the marble altar stage all those moons ago with a nice fuzzy guitar in hand to preach the gospel of jesus, i wouldn't have discarded all of the Myths now and would have remained blissfully unaware of the truth. music and freedom don't mix, it's a volatile gasoline combination which always leads back to negative zero

JESUS, the most powerful ending a song has had yet, JESUS

help me, yes, i need all the help i can get, i need an ungodly amount of help, so i much prefer the Dad to the Almighty Son, but beggars can't be choosers, unless you choose LIFE

wouldn't have spilled my soul and emptied my guts on the pews, that wouldn't have been my offering as the man in the nice sunday suit held that long-ass money pit on the stick, remember those things which collected each patron's 5 dollar bill in those envelopes? man, i'm just remembering that image now as i type: y'know, from afar, from the view of a Space Alien, that whole scene would have seemed funny, the dude reaching out that long metal pole up and down the people row, with the nice soft felt basket at the end of said pole collecting the dough, i always wanted to drink that altar wine, did it once when i was an altar boy, i was a naughty altar boy, an evil alcoholic altar boy, wasn't there an altar-boy comic book that came out not too long ago?

but i digress, no, i don't, no words can be said to be wasted, there is no digression, because each thought is precious, each word typed is memorable, each sentence laid is so important to the human race that the JESUS in Possum Kingdom has turned himself into a possum, or rather Sonic the Hedgehog, to SAVE US ALL, especially to save the last of the video-game nerd burnouts whom nobody cares about

be my angel
be my angel
would someone out there be my angel?
should i quit the blog? i'm bored and listless
should i quit my life/ there is no more altar wine to forget



phairhead said...

I don't care what anyone says, that song is about vampires!!! The kind that feast on blood for sport, not stupid sparkley morons!

KaziG said...

No quitting on the blog or on life allowed!
Angels are where you look for them.
Even fallen angels can be inspiration to mortals.
And too much wine can be cheesy...

...and that is the extent of my pontificating.
Be grateful ;)


~Kazi xxx

Gucci Mama said...

Makes me think of The Never Ending Story.


Cheeky Minx said...

I'll be your angel as long as you'll have me and the she-devil that lives deep inside...

the late phoenix said...

phair: i think you may be right. signed, bella

kazi: you must try those new ritz crackerfuls with cheese, they are to die for

gucci: that is hands-down one of the best movies ever made

cheeky: deep inside you, the devil in me is relishing

Anonymous said...

The Toadies, ha ha. I agree with you on the never ending story being one of the best movies ever made.

P.S. I hate sparkling vampires.

Anonymous said...

Great! thanks for the share!

KaziG said...

I love cheesy crackerfuls ;)
And I have nominated you for a VBA! today's post on my blog

Anonymous said...

I am with Pocket. I love the never ending story and can't wait to share it with my son when he is old enough... as for sparkly vampires to each it's own they are just not for me. :)

Please don't let your blog die... I love it.


the late phoenix said...

pocket: i hate sparkling cereal, but i've learned how to adjust

anon: thanks, bud

kazi: it's an honor just to be nominated

not: all things must die, that is the curse of life

Anonymous said...

What an eclectic blog you have. My hat's off to you.

Belle Armed said...

no babe, you may not quit your blog. its to good.


the late phoenix said...

stare: *tip of the hat*

belle: yes, ma'am!

viemoira said...

That is one of my FAV songgs in the whole entire universe!
Is that a turkey in your pants or are you just...
Not quitting the blog because we would miss u too much..

the late phoenix said...

vie: well, okay, for you, i'll continue