Wednesday, October 12, 2011



first, click on the old boot for #2 in the series


eating, carving up an old shoe sole like in those old-timey cartoons,
using knife and fork,
i recognize my time is short.

watching the "barricade" music video from the band Courage My Love
i come across my symbol of true freedom:
those guys in the band, childhood friends forming a musical connection,
living young while still really young is really living,
making all the drug and sex mistakes while your body is still strong
ensures you a legacy even if you die suddenly...
or by your own hand.

yesterday, as the sun broke through the week's clouds,
it all came broken.
i sauntered on up to the deli counter ready to make my move--
the hot blonde who served me a sandwich there last week--
last week i initiated words, a conversation, and we joked casually:
we ended with a "take care" and a "see you next week".
but she's not there today, instead a cold-eyed woman gives me the stark news
as SHE, not my blonde love, prepares the ugly sandwich:
Blonde has been fired, i am cursed,
all that i speak to withers and dies.
that sandwich last night tasted not of ambition and hope, but of doom.

i've found that i am more naked than ever
as i bare my clothes...

so, now to you. where are your favorite places to get naked?



KaziG said...

LOL you're asking ME that?!
I like to be naked at home when I have the run of the house, which happens from time to time on the weekend.

If there was a naturist beach around here, I would seriously be into it!! I've been skinny-dipping in the past. Then of course, there's the flashing ;)


~Kazi xxx

Cheeky Minx said...

Your tale has now left me feeling rather forlorn. And the only way to soothe that ache is to slowly shed this fabric layer right now and here, or over at mine, or bathe this body in the springtime sun, or in the spray of the wild raging sea, or slide it between the crisp white sheets in the deep dark dead of night.

I hope your Blonde Love finds her way back to you, babe... x

the late phoenix said...

daisy: your ass is sexy, never sorry ;). i'm more of a tennis man myself, but i've watched so much on-the-court tennis porn, i have to say that i'm starting to crack a bit on the sport

kazi: you're right, miss luscious Queen of the Descale :P

i like to be nude not 'cause i think i'm particularly sexy, but i simply run out of clothes to wear from time to time

cheeky: that's the crushing blow, i'll never see Blonde again, who knows where she went to land her next job. however, i've always been in love with my True Love, a certain Curly Minx...

Gucci Mama said...

My favorite place to get naked is the swimming pool. ;-)


pepper said...

naked, trembling, i wait
for light to etch my darkness
and fire to cleanse my soul

that being said...anywhere i am when my clothes come off is good. naked is my preferred state....though i'm not as brave as the dragon descaler up there!

Inferno said...

That is one sad shoe.

It may sound boring, but my favorite place to get naked is my bed.
I'll run around naked when the situation calls for it, but I actually prefer clothes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite place is in the bath, or a hot tub, or just lounging around when nobody is home.

nitebyrd said...

You have beautiful skin. A man that takes care of his elbows is very rare. Do you take as much care with your feet?

I get naked only in my dreams.

Sophia said...

ohhhh I can't wait to see what else you come up with.
As for being naked I love being naked in my house, and some other not so safe places. ;-)


ps I think I finally caught up on your blog. :)

Elle said...

Maybe you'll run into her again, one day. Never know.

I like to be naked in the tub or shower... Yeah, I know, boring :P

AVY said...

At home of course, but mostly anywhere if there are cute boys around.

/ Avy

the late phoenix said...

gucci: i'm building a swimming pool as i type, digging the holes...

pepper: impressive verse. i'm a big fan of your blog

inferno: the shoe is currently depressed and on strong-ass medication

pocket: doorbell rings, *ding dong*, honey, i'm hooooooooooome!!!

the late phoenix said...

nite: my elbows are so pristine because i've never used any elbow grease in my life, i'm skinny and weak. let's be naked together in a shared dream, one of those newfangled twin-dream concepts

sophia: thanks so much for all of your comments on my blog, i really appreciate them xxx

um, elle, i keep hearing about all of your dates, but when are WE gonna go out? :P

avy: i'm a cute boy...just sayin'

viemoira said...

I just like running around the house naked- when it is warm of course.

the late phoenix said...

vie: it's starting to warm up...'round here ;)

Missed Periods said...

I hate when the hot person is no longer working there. Such a let down!

the late phoenix said...

missed: it's okay, i'm still hot for teacher