Wednesday, October 5, 2011



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brown paper bag uses:

* during shame sex, shamed because of your religion, you put the bag over your own head

* during kinky sex, you put the bag over your own head...just 'cause that's kinky to you


* lunch, man, lunch! you remember back in the day, you wake up bright and early for another day at the ol' assembly line, you're brimming with confidence that this time Mr. Stone will notice how hard you're working at breaking those rocks and he will finally grant you that pack a light brown-paper-sack lunch of yogurt, milk, and grilled cheese?

* blow into bag, keep blowing, fill it up with air...then...POP!!!!!!

* same as above, except replace air with vanilla pudding

name a time in your illustrious life when it just wasn't your day, you weren't feeling like the invincible god or goddess that you usually are, and you did something in the heat of the moment which you were so embarrassed about that you felt like putting a brown paper bag over your head and scooting out of town.


Anonymous said...

Most of mine involve sexual adventures that were completely inappropriate both in location and person and I often lie awake cringing remembering them. MAN I WAS BALLSY. And so fun to work worth

Also, a few cringe worthy road rage incidents that I try not to even think about. Shudder

Anonymous said...

I knew you were the Unknown Comic!

shibari said...

I always ... always love coming to your site. and my answer to your question luv.. Is on my blog this HNT! looks like we were InSync .. no not the boy band... lol

KaziG said...

Oh dear Lord, which one? there are too many to enumerate.

I never got brown bag lunches... my mom saved bread wrappers and used those instead! funner to pop perhaps but you couldn't put them over your head...



the late phoenix said...

trixie: maybe one more ballsy adventure...with me?

pocket: i'm the Unknowable Comic

shibari: backstreet boys for me

kazi: wonder bread...why? why did i start eating it? why can't i stop despite all the evidence?

Cheeky Minx said...

I could do with a brown paper bag now. The face, it ain't pretty this morning.

As for their uses, I immediately think of brown paper bag bribery. Not that I've ever been on the receiving end. Really. Promise.

Love the clicky, Unknown Comic. You do Jerry Lewis proud... ;)

Molly Rene said...

I can't say I've ever used a paper bag during sex.

the late phoenix said...

cheeky babes: i want to write a screenplay about all of your bribery exploits, it'll be a million-seller

molly: i have, it's wonderful

boneman said...

you can call yourself the "late" Phoenix, if you want, but, I showed up Friday to post a Thursday.
Now...THAT'S late.

then again...the question, eh?
When I was still addicted to cigarettes, I stole them during times of no employment.

Pretty stupid. Embarrassing.

viemoira said...

Traces the hair on your arm then looks you in the eye-
"that vanilla pudding shit sounds fun, let's do it!! "

the late phoenix said...

bone: i used to think the magical fumes would cure me, but i only fumed more, became more angry...

vie: i'm there, whenever, wherever, like batman

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. :)