Monday, November 17, 2014


i'm sick. my throat is as raw as the best kind of sex. out of cough syrup. could make some...nah, better just buy it. purple has always been my favorite color...

1. when i can't sleep i__________howl at the moon. that's how i say Goodnight, Moon. then i R-E-L-A-X. sleep is all i've got left, i must sleep, i can't not sleep, dreams are my only escape and my only currency. to make sure i do the deed i wear a nightcap like Scrooge did at night. i pour a nightcap into my nightcap and sip it from my nightcap. unlike Scrooge, i believe in ghosts cos i am one, a ghost in a shell.

2. my dream bedroom would be full of ________Aaron Rodgers Fathead wall graphics.

3. if i could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be_________the future. oh, wait...

4. i need to _________at night. rub one out cos that's when everybody's asleep and i have privacy. yeah, i rub the seasoning all over the meat, coating that thing good. this is gonna be one delicious surprise pot roast for the folks tomorrow night.

5. _________would truly be a nightmare. insomnia. i mean, how would that work for me? my entire existence is predicated upon me escaping from reality, not staying in it longer. the day i quit instagram is the day i join the Instagram Insomniacs Club, in that order. i mean, the picture of your apple can wait until morning.

6. night time is the right time to_________i looked up at the picture and there was but one response: in honor of Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packer Cheeseheads the world over, i will be the first man to walk on the moon and nibble some of the surface to prove it is made of cheese. that is what i was put on this Earth to do, to escape Earth.

bonus: please tell us about your last (erotic) dream: two sex kittens and i are in my bedroom. before anything happens i go to sleep cos i'm tired. i dream about a threesome.




Jules said...

1: Go on imaginary adventures.:)
2: Cinnabons
3: The Ice Labyrinth
4: dream beautifully.
5: A tea shortage.
6: Put your onesey on.

Bonus: It was all very purple...Doors were opening and shutting and then he entered with his magic screwdriver, sprinkled with Hell Dust and then....I woke up. *)

the late phoenix said...

juli: i'm convinced when the gods feasted on ambrosia, they were really eating Cinnabons and washing them down with nectar points *)

Cheeky Minx said...

Your erotic dream within a dream could be a sex kittenish version of Poe.

As for #4... I hear (and rub) that. ;-)

the late phoenix said...

cheeky: it's Pussyception. quoth the pussy: evermore ;)