Wednesday, August 1, 2012



click on my watery fave, not watery grave, for 4 of 4...that rhymed perfectly


THEN, please answer the following questions:

1. do you like turtles?
2. watersports...what's the first thing you thought of as you read this word?
3. what is your favorite beach activity?
4. describe the time you fucked your lover so hard the waterbed sprung a leak.
5. which Ocean is the best?




the late phoenix said...

1. i like turtles
2. yellow...cake
3. shouting at the sun
4. it was a good thing, too, i needed a drink...
5. the one on Mars

Jax said...

I do like turtles!
Sun tanning
I've never been on a waterbed.
I've only seen the Atlantic ocean.

KaziG said...

1. I like turtles. Apparently the cops like them too. I was once stopped in traffic whilst an out-of-town cop allowed a huge turtle to cross the road ;)
2. I used to think of surfing and waterskiing. Now I think of the Pee Olympics.
3. I swear that I saw Olympic Beach Tangoing the other day!! how cool is that ;)
4. Never did that I swear!! though we used to make it slosh something fierce, made the neighbours think a tsunami was coming. Ah, those were the days!!
5. Ocean's Eleven, of course :D


~Kazi xxx

Nolens Volens said...

1. Sure, when they are in EAC...
2. No hurling on the shell! Just waxed it.
3. Swimming out to the ocean
4. Never have lived down the "Don't ever wear cleats when performing cunnilingus upside down!"
5. The warmest one.

Jack and Jill said...

The church looks like it's submerged in water this week.

My answers:

1. No, not even Teenage Mutant Ninja ones.
2. Probably golden showers. I'm not into them, but that's the way my mind works.
3. Can I say having sex even if I've never done that on a beach? (Jill has.)
4. We both drowned.
5. Frank Sinatra's version. Clooney's version sucks.

Cheeky Minx said...

Ooh, fingers and waves...

1. How could I not like turtles?
2. Skinny-dipping.
3. Skinny-dipping.
4. Waterbeds?! How beautifully '70s of you, my darling! (I can't do waterbeds, they make me nauseous.)
5. The one on my doorstep.

I adore your deep blue, babe...

the late phoenix said...

jax: you've never been on a waterbed?...interesting, interesting...

kazi: Pee Olympics > London Olympics, although of course i'm loving the beach volleyball babes

nv: ah, Finding Nemo...

jj: between the new TMNT and Splatalot, the new Nick is gonna entertain my babysitting sessions

cheeky: oh, to dip skinnily with you at your neighbourhood modern waters...

Jana said...

1. Yes! Although I wish they were big enough to use as transportation. slow, but gorgeous!

2. plank surfing.. ah if only I had the balance

3. Making out in the surf.. but oh the sand everywhere afterwards >.<

4. I never owned a waterbed, but put two fingers inside each of my sweet spots and you'll have me gushing so much I ruin the bedding.

5. which Ocean is the best? Sinatra's eleven, there really is no contest.

the late phoenix said...

jana: that's the one thing to check off before my bucket list is complete: turtle-back riding

Missed Periods said...

1. My favorite turtle is from the movie North Shore.
2. Sitting on a raft sipping a pina colada.
3. Long walks
4. I'm mopping it up right now.
5. Billy Ocean

the late phoenix said...

missed: i'm on mop-up duty with you! long walks on the beach, that is CLASSIC...