Monday, August 20, 2012


first, watch the music video for DIVINYLS--PLEASURE AND PAIN (1985) and see if you can mimic her facial expressions in that vid during your next sexual encounter...

1. which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure? in bed, pleasure, i've had so much pain in my real, non-online life already, thrice physically, psychologically, and spiritually, i need an enjoyable salve, sex becomes my relief from all that. in the street, however, when i fuck in the streets, it's pain.

2. do you like being tickled during sex? where? yes, in my Tickle Me Elmo spot.

3. have you ever used feathers during sex? yes, just recently, with my favorite hot-as-fuck blogger i met online, she introduced me to the magical world of using the bird to root the bird. yeah, i like to stick that feather ever so gently up her perfect arse, like as seen in that pic above, *tickle tickle* to get her goosebumps going, and then i blow the feather out the window, the feather was never ours to control, we just used it actually, we're terrible people, if you really love something, you'll blow it away, if it comes back, y'know the rest of that trope...

4. do you like to be blindfolded during sex? why? well, yes, but i hate to be derivative, so i'll only go for red blindfolds. red blindfolds are still exotic enough in pop culture, y'know? the grey ones are too 50 SHADES, the black ones have been done to death in all of those obscure foreign erotic films, so it has to be red. green,

5. have you ever used cold or hot during your sex play? what provided the cold or hot? FOUR WORDS: PIC SIX FROM ATOP. what provided for the Icy Hot? my money, my rare coin collection consisting of everyday quarters and dimes and pennies and the like...nobody uses pennies anymore, huh? they're gonna go the way of the dodo soon.

6. do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both? no, only if i've been a naughty boy and deserve it. *my hand is currently in the cookie jar* Madonna is my idol and she talks about the great sensations spankings can provide, so i just follow her lead when it comes to the hitting portion. Gaga who?

7. do you have a safeword? have you ever used it? i have a safeword but i've never used it, so does the safeword really exist if i've never uttered it? words need to be uttered to be alive in the ether. for that matter, do I really exist? did you utter the phrase the late phoenix as you were getting ready this morning?

bonus: tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you've ever had: all pleasure, no pain, remember? it was just last week, actually, with my blogger friend, after fucking our brains out for what seemed like five hours (it was really four hours), and having all of our internal juices all over the other person, we laughed at the vagaries of the world and began to philosophize on the nature of the feather, remember that whole bit? we concluded that the feather was more alive than us humans because it could fly. she countered with the airplane argument, i countered her with the Superman argument, we laughed some more...then everything suddenly got painfully boring.




Anonymous said...

Argh! I NEVER know what to believe from you lol... can you provide a key of some sort just for Lady in Red? A secret marking that you can send me by email so that I'm able to catch on? ;-)

Ms. B said...

What a coincidence, my blindfold is red, too! I enjoyed reading your TMI but when is it really too much?!

KaziG said...

Fantastic layout of pictures! I giggled at the safeword ;)

IcyHot... I mention in answering my questions... the container is not used for rare coinage. And it's great stuff in play, I highly recommend it!! :D


~Kazi xxx

the late phoenix said...

LIR: if i give away all of my secrets, i'll disappear in a puff of white smoke

B: red is the color of flaming passion...also of Tiger Woods's lucky shirt...

kazi: i wonder if the original manufacturers of IcyHot could have known of future use

Jack and Jill said...

I too am sometimes asked to elaborate on which answers are true and which are not. Fortunately Jill's answers are far less sarcastic than mine, and virtually always the truth to boot. So it's often easy to discern between the two of us what's real and what's not. Still, I've been considering writing up some sort of post enlightening readers to the depths of my insanity.

The safe word picture was cute. :)


the late phoenix said...

jj: it's been said that sarcasm is a sign of intelligence, i guess i'm the exception that proves the rule