Wednesday, January 11, 2012



first, click on my final demise, but what a handsome creature to demise to, for #3 in the series


to be eaten is the final insult,
eaten by another creature for food
can't blame you, it's the cycle of nature
but i still had things to do
oh well, such is life, at least i was useful to someone in the end
y'know, now that i think about it
i wouldn't want it any other way
it's an honor to be eaten by such a beauty as you
now if only the sandwich girl i've been trying to talk to will hear me when i ask her how her day's going, and if she survived the holidays, took three times before she recognized the word "holidays", i guess i stutter or something when i talk, i wasn't especially nervous this time, though, maybe i'm just naturally marble-mouthed, dunno, i guess when you're "talking" online, you don't need your motor skills as much, don't need to actually enunciate words that often, could be

go to THE NAUGHTY HANGOUT, CLICK HERE to see who else is playing this week. if you are playing, announce yourself: go to the comments section, include a link to your blog and your TNH, and type "I'M UP!!!", it's really quite fun, quite the rage



Mia Wallace said...

We've seen The Mars Volta in concert - the opened for System of a Down. We HATED them...

What you wrote after the video link is so heartfelt. I love it.

Vincent Vega said...

What Mia said, I wanted to destroy my ears after hearing Mars Volta.

nitebyrd said...

Is it always better to be the eater than the eatee?

Glad you're feeling better.

Jack and Jill said...

Well said. I've always thought the peregrine falcon was a majestic bird. Granted, I don't know that I want one to eat me, but a nice looking animal nonetheless.


Cheeky Minx said...

Since that falcon is making me shudder in the worst possible way, I'll focus instead on your marble mouth. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this kind of mouth would come in handy in certain places.

Once more, you have me in the palm of your hand...

Yesterday's Lineage said...

Happy Health Day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along! The lines on your lines?

the late phoenix said...

mia: :( :I :)

vince: i had the speakers to 11 when i heard 'em, probably should've stuck with 10.5

nite: eatee, word of the week, prize of the week

jack: when it stares at you, you can't control yourself after

cheeky: babes, you aren't too keen on birds, huh? that's okay, i was gonna wear my Big Bird Costume for role play tonight, but we can go see a movie instead...

c: being alive is the first step

clan: love, baby, love

boneman said...

so, flipping everyone the bird, today?
and hand lines.
OMIGOD! Don't tell me.
You got drunk on some really good wine, and when you got home, your hand turned the lights down, put on some music, and then your hand was all over you! Grappled and wrestled you to a tee shirt or sock or just anything! (MORE LOTION!)
And, when morning came, you had to get know. For the principle of the thing.
Course, You STILL haven't figured out what you're going to say to your OTHER hand....


the late phoenix said...

bone: tons of lotion, that's the key. next week, the Hand surprises...

Philosophia said...

watch me chase that damn falcon into a tree. x

the late phoenix said...

sophia: wha? *rubs eyes* is it really you? babe, we thought we'd lost you forever