Wednesday, July 6, 2011



in the middle of my preaching
i find myself reaching
for a point that isn't there
mostly hot and withered air

thinking of my little friend
i knew him before the cyber fame
we'd drink cool lemonades now and then
and shoot the breeze between the puffs

as you watch and witness
lebron fades, he remains
a smile peeks through
and the lemonade memory sweetens

*what do you smoke when you're feeling lost, lonely, and you recognize that there aren't many more chances left?...*



the late phoenix said...


Indi said...

They say that smokin stunts ya growth... !!



PythonKatie said...

"in the middle of my preaching
i find myself reaching
for a point that isn't there
mostly hot and withered air"

LOVE this! How true is this in my life? Awesome! just made my day with that bit of verse...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hey boyfriend: that little guy sort of gave me the, but so do oompa loompas.

don't smoke...just get to me and we can If you are feeling lost...I'll find you.

easy...I'll feel my way.


later baby. xxxxx

Silly Mistress : ) said...

About the clip, I'm amused and that was awesome, but at the same time I want to go on about in a rage about kids smoking. I can play my own devil's advocate xD

And I must say, I love that first stanza as well.

Choice for smoking, Better than Sex (hookah flavor).

Cheeky Minx said...

Since I gave up the gaspers years ago, I wrap my lips around a vodka martini and my body around a warm, strong man. Or vice versa depending on his kink.

Love ya right back, babe... xx

Chapter Two said...


the late phoenix said...

indi: i wanted to be a stud, ended up a stunt

yes: i had no energy when i wrote that, maybe that's the key

zora gf: baby, he's my little friend, i knew him way back when, when we were still downing lime-ades!

silly: i'm still not sure whether he's a kid or a little person. BTS FTW

cheeky babes: oh, when you talk about your luscious lips...

chapter: :):)

Missed Periods said...

Love the poem.

Anonymous said...

The ganja man, the ganja...

the late phoenix said...

missed: ty

vie: it's 4:20 o'clock