Monday, April 3, 2017


1. sex is_______ life. literally. and figuratively. 69. it's the only thing that matters. it has nothing to do with sex. it's pure power. it's why we're here. it pierces through religion and is the conduit to love. filthy and profane and messy. it's identity. it's what we search for and never find.

2. love is_________ the great betrayer. a sickness. an ephemeral entity that claims to be in a holy body. it's a rascal and a reigner, a mother and a murderer, a divine denier. lack of it causes great wars. lack of it sows division. it's the embodiment of the universe and as small as a pea's atom. it's impossible.

3. money is________ not evil but merely the root of all evil, inescapable iniquity more precious than blood, worth immorality for immortality, kingmaker and one president, Scrooge snack, more ill-gotten gains than a gym full of curling biceps, what we're left with as a love replacement, status sander, the enemy of art, single-handedly keeping the stripping industry alive. with an invisible hand. not a system but a reflection. we should have kept the barter system.

4. power is_______ sex. or rather sexual. never earned. always granted. misnomer of wealth. followers. never ends well cos it's always unlimited. a curse that gets things done. the ultimate hubris. the ultimate gold ring. inherited. like a virus. folly. fits like a nintendo glove. or a football glove. falling up. tart terrorism. on sticks. the ultimate makeup. an influencer video. when a man plays goddess and starts to tremble.

5. life is_______ a tree, an organic garden, a great film, not a space number but space itself, the boring answer to a complicated question, sapped after the santa reveal, trending downward, never meant to be, sip of happiness, rolling a boulder uphill on a flat geometric plane. and the boulder is really your head. all that there is so you better do something meaningful. showing who we really are. what we wanted on that space rock all those dreams ago. a rowboat. but never the water. insurance. tragic but after many years, funny. god's abandoned novel.

bonus: food is_______good



Hedone said...

I love love love all the graphics this week.

3. In all seriousness...I am pro-barter system.

Your Life entry is 94 words.

Happy Everything my dear.


the late phoenix said...

i was researching and editing and i couldn't decide so i decided to keep them all!

yeah i'm not a good editor. i write, i don't edit.

happy week, H! :)

Sweeten Dirty said...

I find these answers to be very deep and thought invoking. Well done! :)

the late phoenix said...

thank you, sweeten dirty, that's pure non-drug-fueled stream-of-consciousness right there.............i think.....

Jules said...

I’m loving the alliteration in #2. It makes me hot. *)

the late phoenix said...

alliteration is amorous and apostate and alluring and anal... *)