Tuesday, April 4, 2017


do you have a Code Lyoko forehead? what exactly is a Lyoko? oh man this show, this challenge is affording me sweet friday-night-writes time EVERY day and i appreciate it, it's better therapy than a bath bomb and less painful cos there's no smelly explosions in the tub.

this thing had everything. it was anime but that French-style anime that's neither anime nor French. Moonscoop came into my life and stayed long after my ice cream scoop left me. more perfect lives of video-game nerds i envied. these kids just stayed in the virtual world, school was a nuisance. what, did their parents work or something? i couldn't do that. i had to go to stupid college. i thought earning a high-school diploma meant you could stay at home and watch cartoons and eat peanut-butter sandwiches.

the pink-haired digital girl was Jeremy's fantasy. you know he was fapping in the broom closet between pop quizzes and when he got home waiting for his grandfather to fall asleep. but they didn't show that. Jeremy was the everygeek. he was all of us.

X.A.N.A. was Satan but kid-friendly. these are the luckiest teens in the world to have phones at school. yeah the cat kid with the punk hair and purple jumpsuit that all French students aspire to. the nondescript hunk and his dime the goth girl with the huge forehead. the coach who never removed that bandage, i hope it wasn't a serious blister. Voltron with skateboards for lions. legion wasps and spiders. luckily i'm not arachnophobic or i would have missed this show and played video games instead. constant cell-phone towers popping up cos Satan knows He has to make a call to get noticed cos no one reads their email anymore.

there was Evolution the live-action mess i didn't touch for fear of it surpassing the original. and the one reversed episode which stuck in my mind's craw where the virtual-world animation was used for the real-world school and home scenes and vice-versa. two styles of animation really fucked with my head.


and Sissi the bitch who was always meddling in everyone's business with her bitch business


and for Class, Classy, and Competent game plan. i like the Federer comeback this year. very stingy with his time, going on long two-month sabbaticals, skipping the nothing tournaments, gearing for the masters and grand slams. healthy. and stealthy. just wished he would have done this with Rio. i mean this happens every FOUR years so there are no more chances. he should have skipped the ENTIRE year and played ONE tournament, the Olympics, to get that elusive singles gold. his cabinet is stocked but not full. to be perfect he needs two other things: defeat Nadal in a French Open final and play Nadal in a U.S. Open final. goat still has hay to make.



Jules said...

My head looks like that from the inside except it says “Code Psycho”

B should have been for bath bomb. *)

the late phoenix said...

my life in my tub is a reality show. i don't ask for much, i don't ask for a yacht, i got one of those from my first paycheck, i only ask for a weave basket of bath bombs hanging from my bathroom ceiling i can pluck from every other morning.

coffee bath bombs. Starbucks coffee bath bombs. now that's cold brew. i want to drink my bathwater. literally *)