Friday, April 14, 2017



* this is such a beautiful, low-key piece of documentary delight. it really deserves a better title.

* documentaries aren't boring if the subject's not boring.

* you're gonna forget how old this is.

* Gumball real streets and exteriors and interiors and sky, but who did it first? this is old, remember?

* always show how much toilet-paper you have left

* always jarring when the voices are SUPER realistic

* rap name or Japanese name, which is cooler?

* grandma was lying to you. it means "grandma" in Japanese

* Miyazaki should just relax the copyrights, after all anime is a black hole

* dinosaur hunters hate dinosaurs.

* America's Scariest Home Videos

* young Mer-Man

* five eyes, super-enlightened, hence the calm voice

* except non-gender-specific monsters

* fried, bad for you, as a monster and as food

* mom likes violent video games and ecchi games.

* T-Kesh: can we do away with the log then?
mom: no, i want to see all the gore and porn you get up to.

* water is amazing

* the two kids in the background are headed for under the bleachers...

* T-Kesh, don't say it, we can use another plotline. like, i got one: how unexpectedly bad at swimming you are and you get cut from the swim team.

* i always found those open-air cafeteria lunch tables depressing. i'd be too sad to eat. we had something similar in private school, made of wood painted red. it just looks like cattle herded into a stone box.

* bully is short and not allowed to use swear words. realistic.

* the bully has a test 6th period he studied hard for so

* T-Kesh is a lover not a fighter. your girl just likes 'em big, boy, deal.

* Jay Cutler's butt. sorry.

* football, this is where this story loses all of the audience watching it.

* please, the Dan Marino thing is still painful

* coming-of-fin. the music, have you noticed the music? the best music is unnoticeable.

* you can't teach size. but you can pay for it.

* Black Flag swinging tits

* young Kurt Cobain

* we never had a speed-limit sign poled right on school grounds like that. our buses got into multiple accidents.

* Kurt: it's okay, i said if he left you alone he could be the drummer for Nirvana.

* bully: yeah that'd be awesome. but what is a video game?

* bully: your mom's hot.
T-Kesh: what?
bully: nothing.

* bullies make the best friends........that can't be right...

* i could have sworn that was Brian Posehn.

* moral of the story: he did look like him.


happy easter


Jules said...

Happy Easter you mind fire! *)

the late phoenix said...

that's the name of my next band! i mean that was the name of my college band! Fire of the Phoenix, ice-cold to the touch, we sold out the laundry room!

whenever i get a mindfire i take a Vanquish. and all my ideas go away.

love ya *)