Saturday, April 1, 2017


i don't watch Mech-X4. i've long since run out of time. but from the ads i see similarities to Disney XD's first foray into live-action, Aaron Stone, which was good and made the burgeoning channel and got canceled before its time. or maybe i had a clearer head back then cos it was pre-Instagram and i still had a life and breathing room. there's something about these singularly Canadian sci-fi shows, the high schools and the skies are always dark, and the babes are unique. take Tania Gunadi. she has an accent to her voice that no one else on Earth has, her lilt is like this global conglomeration of all languages, she's the multicultural personification of unity we so desperately need now. and then there was the blonde enemy chick whom i later saw naked in a Canadian gangster film but hey that's why i love Canada. if i have to move there, so be it. it dealt with blurring the line between the virtual video-game world and reality, which is all but Oculused in the present troubling age. it was kid cyberpunk. i mean i remember the manic robot baldie from ER during the golden decade of television! Disney, mostly known for insipid manufactured sanitized comedy patter, was trying to show it could do "a boy's show", too, and it worked. i knew as i got hooked that my heart would be broken cos these types of shows are ridiculously pricey to produce so they need a massive audience to justify them and it just never happens. but i will always fight for story over sitcom. but hey, more romance less splosions i say if you're worried about cost. i seem to have expensive tastes for a starving artist. the story never quite completed and baity talks of a movie or something never materialized. but it was harmless innocent fun while it lasted. Aaron Stone, the last time i had lazy Sundays and lazy summers and could while away the days with "boyish" superhero dreams.

also for Acetone cos i think i need to rinse out my teeth. i gargled and spilt out blood this morning. that's not good. no more Pepsodent and Mocha Mix for me. nostalgia can only take you so far.

PPS i'm sure the bettors aren't happy that the basketball games are being played on April Fools' Day...but the NCAA does not condone betting...



Jules said...

My sweet! You're doing the A-Z! Well done! First year that I've missed it due to too much stuff going on.

A is for "Am right behind you all the way! " *)

the late phoenix said...

it's now or never, my sweet, i don't know where i'm gonna be in a year *)